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1、Place selection of installation Heat pump
 1). Heat pump should be installed in a large space, and have good air flow condition.
 2). Air inlet and outlet must be a clear road, the distance from barriar to inlet and outlet must be longer than 2m.
 3). Set drain ditch or drain outlet, so that can drain water easily.
 4). The installation base or braket must be firm, make sure heat pump work balancely.
 5). Make sure heat pump is vertical, can't be slanted.
 6). Don't install heat pump at the place in where there is plenty of pollutional and corrosivee gas or sand orfalllen leaves.
 7). The installation place can't be near nflammable, flammable thing or fire.

 8). Installation
       The installation base can be concrete construction, or steel bracket, and must use antivibration rubber pad, And the surface should be smooth.
       The design of installation base can be according to heat pump weight.
       The heat pump bottom should be fixed by bolt.

2、Pipe connection
    The drain pipe and overflow pipe should be installed near drain ditch or drain outlet, easy to drain, andinstall drain water valve on drain pipe before magnetic valve there should be service valve on water pipe.
    If use plastic pipe (such as PPR pipe or ABS pipe), users should consider pipe expand and contractproblem between heat pump and water tank.
    Water supply valve and cut-off valve maybe need insulation (according to local weather condition),avoid frost crack.

3、Water pipe system installation
    Water pipe should be straight, and the arrange should be reasonable, reduce bend as little aspossible. Reduce the water pipe resistance.
    There can't be leaking at any place of pipe.
    After all equipments and pipes installation finished, users should test water pressure, anddrive air out, drain dirty out, make sure water cycle system is  clean. After confirm there is not any problem, then insulate all hot water pipes.

 4、Power supply wiring
   220V heat pump use single phase power supply, 380V heat pump use three phase power supply, wire line is 3phase 4lines, A B C connects live line, N connects null line, E connectearth. Be sure not to connect N line to live line of power supply.
 1).When repairing, please turn power supply at "off" side.

 2).Power supply connecting process:make sure a equipment power supply is cut off beforeit's installation is finished. Install power supply switch  at  suitable place, Use rubber hole for wiring line in electric box.
   Power supply demand:
   220V rated voltage±10%
   380V rated voltage±10%
   frequency:50Hz rated frequency±2%
 3).if power supply fluctuation is out of demand, please don't start your heat pump.

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