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Cut Energy Costs in 2022? Check Boiler Upgrade Scheme


The net-zero carbon release transition continues to advance each year. But, it's more intense in 2022, particularly in the U.K. Its estimated release of carbon is 20% making for the 68million tons of carbon emitted globally. Further, 14% of this are solely emitted from home heating devices. To thi

The Market Trend of Heat Pumps in the UK


There has been a significant increase in demand for high capacity, low carbon heat systems in many European markets. This sudden upsurge was triggered by several factors, including mounting concern about the recent increase in energy costs. The UK witnessed double-digit growth in sales for high-capa

Can Air to Water Heat Pumps Work with Existing Radiators?


Everyone wants their home to remain warm through winter, and some of us would prefer to achieve this in an eco-friendly manner. Air to water heat pumps check these two boxes since they'll keep your home warm and use electricity instead of natural gas or oil. However, can air to water heat pumps work

Why Choose R32 Low Carbon Heat Pumps?


R32 is used as a refrigerant in over 60% of heat pump devices. The refrigerant's impact on the product's performance is quite important. The refrigerant must be non-toxic, stable, and function well, but it must also meet the conditions and environmental regulations of various nations. Last but not l

Can Air Source Heat Pump Heat a Whole House?


Probably you have been once deluded about a ductless heat pump requiring air handlers, or "heads," in each room. That's not the case, however. Dependent on the home's structural envelopes & air movement, a single head unit will potentially heat a 1500 sq. ft house. However, old buildings with furthe

What Is a Heat Pump Boiler?


Heat pump boilers heating pumps that integrate both a boiler and an air source of a ground source heat pump. This equipment works conjointly. But the gas or oil boiler only supplements the heat pump when the heat generated is inadequate. Thus, the unit automatically switches between the heat pump an

What Are the Disadvantages of Air to Water Heat Pumps?


Heat pumps use a compressor and a revolving system of liquid refrigerant. This transfers heat from one location to the other. Warmth is taken from pools or water sources and then circulated indoors.These pumps have several benefits for your house. They consume less energy as they do not use electric

How Does a Split Heat Pump Work?


A split-system heat pump is a technology that transfers heat from one location to another using a network of pipes, vents, and other components. It functions similarly to a standard central heating system. Instead of a single boiler, the system transfers heat from the outside unit to the inside unit

2022 Air Source Heat Pump Grants in the UK


Air source heat pumps have been the real deal for the last four years, and now in 2022, they are still keeping pace. Despite their use for heating being only 5 % globally, the IEA estimated that it has the potential to reach 90 %.Speaking of which, some countries are encouraging folks to invest in z

Best Inverter Heat Pumps Reviewed in 2022


People throughout the globe are accustomed to the use of forced air systems for conditioning and heating air in their houses. Some of the common appliances that rely on such systems include heat pumps and air conditioners. However, modern-day technology has played a critical role in enhancing the sy

SPRSUN Announces Self-developed Controller Series of R32 Cold Climate Full Inverter Heat Pumps


SPRSUN, a leading heat pump manufacturer, has announced its new and self-developed R32 Cold Climate Full Inverter Heat Pumps. The new line of cold climate full inverter heat pumps is designed to bring comfort closer to customers while leveraging hot water, heating, and cooling. The company, on the n

Market Analysis: Are Air Source Heat Pumps the Future?


As the trend of heating changes evolves, heat pumps are undeniably viewed as the next big thing in the heating industry- a reliable and renewable heat source without any carbon footprint. But are they? Yes, and like this post outlines, several governments are also promoting their use to eradicate th

Best Heat Pumps for Cold Weather in 2022


At the mention of heat pumps, everyone’s mind runs with heating functionality as the main function. However, in addition to the core functionality, heat pumps perform many other functions, including controlling humidity, and air conditioning. Typically, heat pumps move heat than generate it, a techn

How Much Does a Cold Climate Heat Pump Cost?


How Much Does a Cold Climate Heat Pump Cost? Energy use is a trending topic dominating discussions ranging from climate to economy and sustainability. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling are currently the number one energy expenditure for most homeowners in the US. That's beca

Best Heat Pumps for Underfloor Heating


Heating your home is costly and typically makes up about 30% of your utility bills. Regardless, it is a necessity that you can't do without, especially if you live in a relatively cold environment. The best thing you could do is ensure that you have the correct equipment that's well maintained and u

A Complete Guide: Air Source Heat Pump Costs


Heat pumps have surprisingly become a ‘necessary’ appliance for their ability to offer a convenient and reliable energy source for anyone looking to warm their pools or stay warm indoors. If you want to invest in a heating or cooling unit, heat pumps are undoubtedly a suitable option to suit your ne

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