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Searching for a heat pump factory in China to provide you high quality air to water heat pumps to boost your competitiveness? 
SPRSUN is your right choice! We have been a professional heat pump manufacturer since 1999 with a strong R & D center and automated production lines.
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Advantages of SPRSUN Partnership

Benefits for OEM/ODM Partners:

√  Produce Europe standard products under partner's brand/logo.
 Customize the shape, colors and materials to meet partner's special needs.
 Customize the specifications based on partner's own design.
 Offer heat pumps at competitive prices to ensure high profit margins.
Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our OEM/ODM partner!
We welcome your heat pump OEM/ODM opportunities. Let's hear from you and study your project together.

Benefits for Reselling SPRSUN Brand:

√  Every year SPRSUN invests in global marketing to help improve the brand awareness of our heat pumps in local areas.
 According to the seasons and customer demands, the company provides corresponding promotion strategies to help re-sellers explore more sales opportunities.
 Provide complete sales tools, including catalogue, flyers, product images, etc.
 Strictly implement the management policy of distributors/resellers based on our mutual contracts.
Contact us now to become a Sprsun heat pump reseller/distributor!

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