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The Strength of Chinese Heat Pump Manufacturer - SPRSUN

SPRSUN is a professional Chinese heat pump manufacturer established in 1999, we produce various types of heat pumps, including air-to-water heat pumps, DC inverter heat pumps and pool heat pumps. The heat pumps are manufactured in accordance with EN14511 standard with MCS, SAA, ROHS, TÜV, ERP, CCC, CE and CB certificates. SPRSUN cooperates with leading companies such as Panasonic, CAREL, Grundfos and Copeland to ensure the highest quality. Over the years, superior products and professional service have earned SPRSUN a reputation as one of the world's leading heat pump suppliers.
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Our Wide Range of China Heat Pumps

We offer an extensive range of residential and commercial heat pump from China to help you gain greater market shares.

ODM/OEM Heat Pump for Your Market

As a reputable air to water heat pump manufacturer with expertise, SPRSUN is committed to bringing the best out of your heat pump designs and conveying your brand image or more product information precisely. We provides all-inclusive custom options to actualize and commercialize your heat pumps.

Logo & Symbol

Our Chinese heat pumps can be produced and customized under your brand logo, helping to promote your business and establish your brand in the market.

Appearance & Color

Depending on your desires, heat pump China parts can be manufactured in any shape and color. SPRSUN is a well-equipped heat pump manufacturer with loads of resources to meet your needs.


As a competent and experienced air source heat pump manufacturer, we can achieve every specification of heat pumps according to your requirement.

Enclosure Material

Every SPRSUN heat pump is made of tough materials that enhance their performance. Enclosure materials include stainless steel plate, ABS, weather-resistant PP, and galvanized plate spraying.
SPRSUN people is inspecting heat pump quality
SPRSUN heat pump assembly
SPRSUN heat pump inner parts assembly
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SPRSUN heat pumps in the production line
Quality Control & Assurance

High-Quality Heat Pumps Guaranteed by Thorough Inspections

SPRSUN has distinguished itself from other Chinese heat pump manufacturers with excellent customer comments, unlimited production capacity, numerous certifications, a global market network and an independent testing laboratory. Our Chinese heat pumps are exported to over 60 countries and are supplied exclusively to project contractors, wholesalers and retailers.
Two Test Laboratories
36 Months Warranty
Five Quality Control Procedures
Multiple Quality Certificates


Market Case

We have 560+ global strategic partners in over 60 countries and collaborate with heat pump businesses for OEM/ODM partnerships, making us one of the Top Chinese Heat Pump Manufacturers. In the past years, SPRSUN wholesale heat pumps have won a great reputation among customers throughout the world, especially in Europe, such as Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Italy, Russia, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania etc.
SPRSUN Heat Pump in the Netherlands
SPRSUN heat pump in Romania
SPRSUN heat pump in Poland​​​​​​​
SPRSUN air source heat pump in Czech Republic
SPRSUN heat pump in North Macedonia
SPRSUN commercial heat pump in Latvia
SPRSUN heat pump in Netherlands​​​​​​​
SPRSUN air source heat pump in Austria
SPRSUN commercial heat pump in India

Realizing Your Amazing Heat Pump Projects


SPRSUN is a professional and reputable heat pump supplier in China with a market profile that cuts across the world. We specialize in manufacturing a broad range of air source heat pumps for a wide industry, including a heat pump for apartments, swimming pools and commercial use. We focus on using the best resources and our wealth of experience to set up the most efficient new energy heat pump solution for you. No matter your market or application, we make affordable Chinese heat pumps to fit in perfectly.

Heat Pump For Residential Heating

Heat Pump for Commercial Buildings

Heat Pump For Swimming Pool

Heat Pump for Commercial Buildings

Exhibitions & Show



[Company Blog] Mar 19,2024
SPRSUN's Innovative ONE-STOP Energy Solution Ignites MCE2024 Exhibition

GUANGZHOU, SPRSUN —From March 12th to 15th, 2024, SPRSUN, as a global leader in new energy solutions, took part in the prestigious MCE exhibition in Milan, Italy, which is regarded as a world-class event in the HVAC+R, renewable energy, and energy efficiency industries.MCE - Mostra Convegno Expocomf

[Company Blog] Feb 02,2024
SPRSUN Heat Pump Company Commences Construction of 40-Acre Smart Factory

Summary: SPRSUN, one of the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly and energy-efficient heat pumps, has announced the start of construction for its new smart factory! The construction of the new factory will significantly increase SPRSUN's productivity, reduce product delivery lead times, and provide

[Company Blog] Feb 02,2024
SPRSUN's Newest Ultra-Quiet R290 Heat Pump to be Unveiled at the MCE Exhibition in Italy.

Guangzhou, February 1, 2024 - SPRSUN is delighted to announce its participation in the MCE exhibition, to be held in Milan, Italy from March 12th to 15th, 2024. The MCE exhibition takes place every two years and is anticipated to bring in over 150,000 visitors. It is considered one of the most sign


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