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SPRSUN has over 23 years of experience manufacturing heat pumps for the consumer market. You can learn its latest company news and trends in this blog.
December 30, 2022
Heat Pump Subsidy in Germany

‍The German government subsidies for heat pumps are designed to phase out natural gas and coal from heating systems. The goal is to assure the use of renewable energies at home. The transitional period will take a long time, and the subsidies are still under discussion, but they seem very promising

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  • SPRSUN Launches Its Heat Pump Kit for Easier Installation


    Summary: SPRSUN, one of the leading manufacturers of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heat pumps, has launched its new product kit. The SPRSUN Heat Pump Kit is designed to help save time and money on heat pump installation. China – SPRSUN has been in the heat pump manufacturing business Read More

  • SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps Obtained KEYMARK Certification


    Guangzhou, China, November 8th, 2022 – a series of SPRSUN Outdoor Air to Water Heat Pumps have been awarded KEYMARK certification,thus making SPRSUN one of China's very few heat pump manufacturers possessing KEYMARK certification. As a high-tech leading heat pump producer integrating R&D, design, ma Read More

  • SPRSUN Conducted 3 Product Training Sessions for Partners Last Month


    Summary: SPRSUN, a professional heat pump manufacturer, has conducted 3 product training sessions for its most valuable partners to unveil basic heat pump knowledge so that its partners will show more expertise concerning heat pumps and be better at connecting with their clients. China – SPRSUN, fou Read More

  • The Newly-Launched SPRSUN R32 Swimming Pool Heat Pump Pushes Energy Saving Limits


    The latest SPRSUN R32 Swimming Pool Heat Pump is finally on the market, offering enhanced performance features such as energy savings, noise-cancellation, and Wi-Fi (touch screen) control in an anti-corrosive, compact build.Here's a quick look at some of the features that set this pool heat pump apa Read More

  • SPRSUN Announces Self-developed Controller Series of R32 Cold Climate Full Inverter Heat Pumps


    SPRSUN, a leading heat pump manufacturer, has announced its new and self-developed R32 Cold Climate Full Inverter Heat Pumps. The new line of cold climate full inverter heat pumps is designed to bring comfort closer to customers while leveraging hot water, heating, and cooling. The company, on the n Read More

  • Warm Notice: SPRSUN Official Payment Accounts


    Dear Partners and Customers, During the epidemic period, there seem to be more and more fraud activities throughout the world that might cause financial loss to both companies and customers alike. In order to counter these potential risks, we herein publish the SPRSUN official bank account informa Read More

  • SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump Officially Announced!


    SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump finally comes to the market! It is not just a heating system, but also a smart hot water heater and air conditioner. The heat pump transfers heat from outdoors to inside during heating and indoors to outdoors during cooling cycles. ERP A+++, R32 refrigerant, nois Read More

  • All SPRSUN Heat Pumps Will Use Schneider AC Contactor


    The AC contactor brand of all SPRSUN heat pumps will be switched to Schneider while the former brand is EATON. Please note that this brand component update does not affect our previous heat pump units with EATON AC contactor and thermal relay. Feel free to contact us Read More

  • SPRSUN Launches a Brand New Heat Pump Showroom


    After several months of planning, design, construction and decorative work, SPRSUN expanded and upgraded heat pump showroom finally comes into being. The fashionable and brief presentation style greatly matches with the SPRSUN brand image. Located in the headquarter building of SPRSUN company (Guang Read More

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