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With the continuous development of the air source heat pump, more and more industries begin to introduce it for swimming pool water heating. Air source heat pump for swimming pool captures heat and moves it from air to pool water. SPRSUN, as a pool heat pump manufacturer, provides a series of air source heat pumps for indoor and outdoor pools, including R32 DCinverter pool heat pumps.

Air Source Monoblock Heat Pumps forHot Water/House Heatin

Why You Need Heat Pumps for Pool

Having a great swimming experience involves heat pumps for pool heating, as they don’t generate heat; rather they capture it and transfer it evenly across the pool. This means there is no need to waste electricity in creating artificial heat. Unlike the heat pumps used years ago, SPRSUN manufactures modern swimming pool water heaters with superior features like variable speed, inverter-driven compressor technology, and improved defrost cycle for more efficient performance.

Advanced Energy-Saving Performance

Offering ERP A+++ performance, our inverter heat pump for swimming pools saves energy by more than 30% compared with ordinary electric pool heat pumps. Also, the air source pool heat pumps typically require less energy leading to lower long-term operating costs. Heat pumps for pools are generally very effective at maintaining a consistent water temperature, which improves user comfort and can reduce the need for frequent adjustments that lead to energy inefficiency.

Leading DC Inverter Technology

Built with top DC inverter technology, our heat pump pool water heater offers optimal heating and cooling solutions in cold and hot temperatures. The DC inverter compressor and DC inverter controller automatically change the operating frequency according to the ambient temperature. This ensures the pool is warm all year round. Also, the swimming pool air source heat pump features DC inverter brushless fans to reduce the operating noise to the lowest.

Your Premium Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer – SPRSUN

SPRSUN is a professional swimming pool heat pump manufacturer with over two decades of experience providing residential and commercial heat pumps to heat pools. As a dedicated new energy heat pump supplier, we look beyond the norm and introduce advanced heat pump pool solutions that are energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and affordable. Our pool air source heat pump guarantees the swimming pool stays as enjoyable in the fall and winter as in the summer. 
Certified by MCS, SAA, SG, KEYMARK, ISO9001, and ISO14001 standards, the swimming pool water heaters are made with cutting-edge technologies that ensure optimal comfort and warmth. Our products are enjoyed by individuals all over the world, including Germany, Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, Czech, Russia, Australia, South Africa, and so on.
Build To Be The Best

Exceptional Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pumps Advantages

Backed by our talented engineers and integration of state-of-the-art technology into production, we excel in providing high-quality air source pump for swimming pool, which comes with industry-leading benefits.

High Energy Efficiency

With COP as high as 15.04, the DC inverter pool heat pumps can change the operating frequency of the rotary compressors and fan motors based on the heating needs, greatly speeding up heating time and thus providing more heat compared with traditional pool heat pumps.

R32 Refrigerants

Built with R32 refrigerants, which are more environmentally friendly than other traditional refrigerants, the air source heat pump pool heater recharges and recycles more effectively. The unit can run at much higher efficiencies with lower carbon emissions.

Silence Operation Tech

Adopting step-less Panasonic inverter compressors and brushless Nidec DC fans, our swimming pool heat pump heaters stay quiet when working due to their internal noise reduction measures. In addition to meeting TUV standards, they have a reduced operating sound level of 10dB(A) lower than traditional heat pumps.

Intelligent Remote Control

As a competent pool heat pump manufacturer, we integrate CAREL controller or our CGK control system and into the heat pumps, making them controllable via a remote APP. Pool heat pumps also have a Wi-Fi control function so users can use their smartphones to monitor and control the working situation.

Easy Installation & Repair

SPRSUN heat pumps for pools have a simple design that’s concise, clean, and convenient, making them easy to install and repair. The easiest air source heat pump for swimming pool to install is possible in SPRSUN.

Super Chemical Resistant

Our heat pumps for pools are made with Titanium Tube-in Shell Heat Exchanger that have superior chemical resistance to avoid corrosion. Titanium is very hard, making it the perfect material to resist high temperature, water erosion, and high pressure.
All-around Heating solution

Boost Your Business with Our Perfect Pool Heat Pumps Solution

As one of the best pool heat pump manufacturers, SPRSUN’s heat pump pool heaters are produced to offer versatile solutions for various applications, ensuring optimal water temperature and energy-saving performance.

Heat Pump for Spa Pool

Our heat pumps for pools heating are greatly beneficial in spas, as they provide precise temperature control, ensuring luxurious relaxation and energy efficiency.

Indoor Swimming Pool

Maintain comfortable temperature year-round in indoor swimming pools with our advanced and reliable heat pump systems. This comes with a Cascade control system, which makes the pool heat pump connectable to other temperature units in the home.

Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Swimming for long hours in above-ground pools becomes more conducive and fun, thanks to our professionally constructed heat pump pool heater that effectively warms the water.

Aquaculture Applications

SPRSUN’s heat pump pool heating solutions contribute to aquaculture success by maintaining the ideal water temperature for ponds, fish farms, and other fishery habitats. This results in enhanced growth and productivity.
High Efficiency

How Do Pool Heat Pumps Work

Unlike normal electric heat pumps for pools that use mainly electricity, which results in high energy bills, pool heat pumps leverage the combination of solar energy, air energy and electricity to work. For swimming pool heat pumps, electricity is first used to power the fan and compressor, absorbing surrounding air heat. The absorbed heat is then transferred to the pool to warm the water.

Heat pump for pool requires less electricity to work, which is why it has become a popular accessory for environmentally conscious swimming pool owners.
Mature & Powerful Production System

One-Stop Manufacturing Solution for Inverter Pool Heat Pump

SPRSUN is a competent manufacturer with a wide capacity and technical know-how in offering premium air to water heating systems for swimming pools heating. From consultation to final product delivery, we make everything prompt and on-time to minimize your risks.
SPRSUN people is designing heat pump
Professional Design & 
Our experienced R&D specialists will communicate with you, discuss your requirements, and display them with 3D drawings. Tell us your air source pool heat pump ideas and concepts while we bring them to life.​​​​​​​
SPRSUN raw material supplier
Premium Raw Materials​​​​​​​
All our raw materials for swimming pool air source heat pumps are procured from industry-leading suppliers like Panasonic, CAREL, Grundfos, Schneider, and Mitsubishi. This guarantees 100% quality. We can provide you with relevant products like buffer tanks thus you can shorten the sourcing circle.
SPRSUN heat pump manufacturing process
Effective and Modern Production​​​​​​​
We produce effectively backed by a large production base filled with standard machinery and highly-skilled staff. 25,000 units per month. We stand out from other pool heat pump manufacturers by integrating advanced technologies to improve their performance.​​​​​​​
pool heat pump inspection
Rigorous Quality Control​​​​​​​
From the incoming raw materials to the final finished pool heater heat pumps, we rigorously follow international standards and monitor every manufacturing process to guarantee that every pool heater heat pump exceeds your expectation.
  • • Five QC processes.
  • • 99.9% Qualified Rate
sturky wooden packaging for heat pumps
Sturdy Packaging
Using strong wooden containers that can resist extreme conditions and damage, each heat pump for swimming pool is packaged and sent to you.  There are two packaging methods for your choice: wooden box and carton box.
SPRSUN heat pumps shipping delivery
Logistics & Delivering
You can rest assured that your products will reach their destination promptly and efficiently. Choose a trusted partner who will navigate the complexities of customs clearance and guarantee timely delivery every step of the way.
Benefits Getting From Us

Why Choose SPRSUN as Your Pool Heat Pump Supplier

Over the years, we've been providing customers with maximum heating and cooling solutions, hence why we are popularly referred 
to as the best pool heat pump China manufacturer. Below are reasons you can choose us as your pool heat pump supplier.

25+ Years of Professional Knowhow

Founded in 1999, SPRSUN has grown to be one of the reputable heat pump suppliers. Over the years, we’ve garnered a lot of experience in air source pool heat pump development, custom, manufacturing capacity, and delivery. We can offer optimal solutions to move your business forward.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Thanks to our years of experience, long-standing relationship with reliable raw materials suppliers, and a streamlined manufacturing process, we are able to minimize the cost of production. Hence, our heat pump for pool is affordable and cost-effective.

OEM/ODM Service

SPRSUN has an extensive ability in offering OEM/ODM services, which includes unique swimming pool heat pump China products that make your brand stand out in the market. We also offer various customization options like logo, appearance & color, specifications, and enclosure materials.

Marketing & Advice Support

What differentiates us from other swimming pool heat pump manufacturers is that we render you the marketing support needed to propel the rise of your business. Some services you will enjoy are 24/7 sales & marketing support like product selling points, electronic catalog, HD Video, and drawings.

High Production Capability

SPRSUN has a 30,000 sqm pool heat pump factory with multiple production lines, cutting-edge equipment, and over 600 experienced workers, with which we effectively carry out mass production. Per month, we manufacture more than 25,000 units without sacrificing quality.

Short Turnaround Time

Thanks to our high production capability, we are able to complete clients’ ducted air source heat pump orders within a short time. Operating with a stipulated turnaround time of one month, we can fulfill your wholesale orders regardless of how bulky or urgent they are.

Hassle-Free Services

SPRSUN is committed to providing comprehensive 24/7 support throughout the entire swimming pool heat pumps sales process, both before and after the sale. Responds to your inquiry, orders, concerns, and product questions within 12 hours.
• 24/7 consultation > R&D > Production > Spare Parts > Technic/Marketing Training >Tailor-made heating plan
• 3-Year warranty

Factors to Consider When Sourcing Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools

When it comes to choosing heat pumps for swimming pools, it's essential that you buy from the best swimming pool heat pump suppliers. Some important factors to consider are shortlisted below.
   1. What Size of Pool Pump Do You Need?
The best size of the heat pumps for pool heating is determined by the size of your pool (in gallons), the pool depth, and the pool shape, which could be kidney-shaped, rectangular, round, etc. An experienced swimming pool heat pump supplier can give you some suggestions for pool heating projects.
   2. How Many Air Source Heat Pumps You Need for Pool
Determining the number of air source heat pumps hinges on your pool’s size, location, and desired water temperature. Larger pools and colder climates require more air source heat pumps for swimming pool to maintain uniform heating. But with a very energy-efficient pool heat pump system, you can reduce the overall number of heat pumps needed.
   3. Determine the Inverter Pool Heat Pump Efficiency
The efficiency of the inverter pool heat pump is measured by the Coefficient of Performance (COP). The higher the COP, the more efficient the heat pump is. COP’s typically fall between 3.0 and 7.0, translating to efficiency between 300% and 700%. This means that for every unit of power used to run the compressor, the pool will receive 3-7 units of heat from the heat pump.
   4. What Kind of Function Do You Need?
Consider your pool’s requirements. Do you need smart controls for remote management or eco-friendly options for sustainable operation? Choose functions that align with your heating goals and preferences for optimal convenience and efficiency. Your desired function determines the swimming pool heat pump model we recommend.
   5. Estimate Pool Heater Pump Costs and Savings
Start by assessing upfront costs, including purchase and installation expenses. Then, estimate the ongoing energy costs of running the heat pumps. While heat pumps swimming pools may come with a higher upfront cost, their energy-saving benefits over time easily outweigh the initial expense. Heat pump pool heaters can significantly reduce long-term energy costs by efficiently utilizing energy.
   6. Easy Installation and Maintenance
It’s important that the pool heat pump is easy to install and maintain. Choose pool air source heat pumps with user-friendly installation can help you reduce install and maintenance costs and hassle.
   7. Can You Use a Heat Pump in a Saltwater Swimming Pool
Yes, you can use a heat pump for saltwater swimming pools. But salt is corrosive, which can cause the metal parts of the heat pump to wear out quickly. However, some swimming pool heat pump suppliers like SPSRUN have addressed this issue by manufacturing pool pumps from non-corrosive materials.
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