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Air to Water Heat Pumps


Based on the "Reverse Carnot Cycle" principle, air to water heat pump is a type of air source heat pump (ASHP) systems, which utilizes energy from the air to generate heat and provide domestic or commercial hot water, house heating and/or cooling. Small heat pumps are usually designed for domestic settings.

SPRSUN is one of the leading air to water heat pump manufacturers in China, which provides several types of air to water heat pumps such as hot water heat pumps, DC inverter (monoblock & split types), EVI low temp, household, and swimming pool heat pumps.



Types of Air to Water Heat Pumps Manufactured by SPRSUN

Backed by years of experience and study of market trends, SPRSUN is proficient in designing and manufacturing versatile air-to-water heating pumps with factory prices and unmatched quality to cater to your heating/hot water/cooling needs and applications. Our two types of air to water heat pumps have been continuously recognized by top brands, wholesalers, and brand owners all over the world.

Monoblock Heat Pump

The components (heat exchanger and fan coil) are housed in a single outdoor unit. Built with Panasonic rotary compressor, DC brushless fan, CAREL controller, electronic expansion valve, & pressure sensor, the monoblock heat pump performs highly in small residential or commercial applications.

Split System Heat Pump

Split heat pump consists of two parts: an outdoor unit (compressor) and an indoor unit (evaporator). This split reversible air to water heat pump built with Panasonic rotary compressor, Grundfos inverter pump, expansion tank, and CAREL controller, makes it perfect for large residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Leading Air to Water Heat Pump Manufacturer

Founded in 1999, SPRSUN changed the pattern of the heat pump industry, introducing advanced technology. As a professional manufacturer of air-to-water heat pump systems, we provide turnkey solutions, bringing modern heating and cooling ideas to reality. Excellent design and advanced technology echoing together enable SPRSUN to supply built-to-last air-to-water heat pumps, driving our clients forward with countless business profits and brilliant service.

Over the years, our branded heat pumps have been delivered exclusively to project contractors, industrial customers, wholesalers, and resellers. As a leading heat pump China manufacturer, our air-to-hot water heat pump systems are exported to over 30 countries, including Germany, Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, Czech, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, etc.
Build To Be The Best

Industry-leading Air to Water Heat Pumps Benefits

Air to water heat pumps’ taking a more and more important part in heating solutions for their outstanding energy-saving performance, compared to a furnace or boiler. Thanks to the inclusion of state-of-the-art technology into production, we excel in providing high-quality wholesale air to water heat pump units with the outstanding benefits you desire.

Upgraded DC Inverter EVI Technology

Using advanced DC Inverter EVI technology, the air to liquid heat pump performs optimally when running at ambient temperatures as low as -25⁰C. Comfortable house heating and a stable hot water supply all year are guaranteed.

ERP A+++ Level

Adopting the best manufacturing processes and materials, SPRSUN heat pump air to water China products are rated with A+++ energy label. This benefit can make you stand out from other competitors.

Reduced Noise Operation

Constructed with a unique internal soundproof mechanism with brushless DC inverter fans, Panasonic compression dual shock absorption, and strong pads, the sound level of the air to water heat pump is as low as 49 dBA.

Smart & Integrated Control System

Equipped with CAREL controller and touch screen, the air to water heating system can be remotely controlled via WIFI. You can control and change the temperature and set the system modes easily.

Intelligent Defrosting & Anti-Freezing

With developed PID intelligent defrosting control technology, when heat pump reaches the set temperature, it operates at a low frequency to avoid freezing. This minimizes energy consumption, extends the heat pump life, and guarantees excellent performance in cold regions.

30-40% Efficient Energy Saving

Using standard variable-speed compressor and inverter-driven technology, our air to water heat pump system charges and recirculates more efficiently, saving 30-40% energy. This reduces energy bills.

High COP

With a maximum COP of 5.95, our inverter air to water heat pump has greater energy efficiency. It produces a significantly greater heat energy for every unit of energy consumed.

Low Ambient Temp (-30⁰C - 45⁰C)

Using the Panasonic Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) technology rotary compressor, our China air to water heat pump can work stably in cold climates where the temperature reaches -30⁰C.
Flexible Tailor - Made Service

Differentiate Your Brand with Our OEM Air to Water Heat Pump

As an all-round air-to-water heat pump China manufacturer, SPRSUN is committed to bringing the best out of your heat pump quality and conveying your brand image or more product information precisely. Our factory provides all-inclusive custom options to actualize your air-to-water heating products speed to market.

Logo & Symbol

To give a first impression about your brand and establish your business in the competitive market, your logo will be designed on the air to water heating systems.

Appearance & Color

Having over 600 skilled workers and a 30000+ square meter factory filled with standard equipment, we can configure the OEM air to water heat pumps to your preferred shape, size, and color.

Enclosure Material

We use strong materials like stainless steel plate, titanium, ABS, weather-resistant PP, and galvanized plate spraying for air-water heat pump enclosure, ensuring that it functions effectively for a long duration in any setting.


Following your specifications, we, as one of the leading air-to-water heat pump manufacturers can make air-to-water heat pumps uniquely designed to suit different market needs and express brand quality.
All-around Heating solution

All-around Air-to-Water Heating Solution

SPRSUN is a one-stop heat pump supplier that provides a wide range of air to water heat pumps turnkey solutions, including residential, commercial, cold climates, swimming pool, and high temp applications. We have helped many global clients with heating solutions, from specific project owners, contractors, brand owners, wholesalers, and distributors.

Residential Air to Water Heat Pump

Features a maximum outlet water temperature of 60⁰C, working ambient temperature of -25⁰C to 45⁰C, and heating capacity of 3.8KW - 32KW. The air to water heat pump also comes with 24-hour hot water circulation and accurate water temperature control, providing families with an efficient hot water/heating/cooling system.

Commercial Air to Water Heat Pump

Comes with a heating capacity of 9.5KW - 88KW, automatic & forced defrosting, anti-freezing function, and multiple protections. Often used for winter heating, summer cooling, and all-year hot water solutions, the air to water heat pump system applies to 5-star hotels, hospitals, resorts, and high-end businesses.

Heat Pump for Swimming Pool

Supporting -25⁰C ultra-low temperature operation, the air to water heat pump for the swimming pool is equipped with an efficient Mitsubishi dual rotor DC variable frequency compressor to reduce vibration. Enjoy a 10x quieter swimming environment with 75% power saving.

Cold Climate Air to Water Heat Pump

Developed using the Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) Compressor Technology and high-efficiency eco-friendly refrigerant, the air to water heating system can work normally at very low temperatures (as much as -30⁰C).

High Temp Air to Water Heat Pump

Air to liquid heat pump for industrial application functions more effectively at high frequencies. It also has no harmful effects on the atmosphere, with lower carbon emissions and zero ozone-depleting potential.
Benefits Getting From Us

Why SPRSUN is Your Premium Air to Water Heat Pump Manufacturer

SPRSUN is the premier manufacturer of air to water heat pumps with a long history of continually providing clients all over the world with excellent heat pumps 
based on leading technology and professional service. We possess a variety of attributes that are beneficial to your business success.

25+ Years of Industry Leading Technology

Over the years, we’ve served many clients home and abroad, providing extraordinary air-to-water heat pump systems and superior value-added services. Professional know-how and experience guide you on the best option for every application.

Wide Latest Collections

SPRSUN stands out as one of the best air to water heat pump manufacturers by offering a wide array of options to extend your product line. Our capability of manufacturing distinct heat pumps that will make your brand unique on the market.

High Manufacturing Capacity

SPRSUN is a prominent air to water heat pump manufacturer with a large manufacturing factory filled with specialized engineers and an independent testing lab, making us more than capable of meeting your requirements. Per month, we produce more than 25000 units without compromising quality.

Marketing Analysis Support

We handle your business like ours, supplying you with all the support you need. Even after buying from us, we provide 24/7 free consultation, full technical support, and sales & marketing support, ensuring your business excels.

Trusted Quality Commitment

As a reputable air source heat pump company, we source raw materials from industry-leading suppliers like Panasonic, CAREL, Grundfos, Copeland, Mitsubishi, and SANYO. We also carry out 5 stringent quality control tests: System Design QC, Incoming Material QC, Piping Grafts QC, Assembly System QC, and Finished Products QC.

Professional Workmanship

Complying strictly with your specifications, we ensure the air to water heat pumps are manufactured with a reliable connection, excellent welding to prevent leakage, strong pads to reduce noise, thick insulation to prevent energy loss, and aluminum material to avoid corrosion.

Wooden Packaging & Short Lead Time

Immediately production is completed, the inverter air to water heat pump systems are loaded in tough wood packaging to ensure they are delivered to you in one piece. Our trusted logistic partners will ship them to your location the next day.

Supports From Presales to Aftersales

With professional members in the engineering, production, and marketing teams, we are willing to cooperate with you from the beginning to the end. Our service covers project consultation, product design, sampling, production, quality control, logistics, technical support, and after-sales service.

Air to Water Heat Pump Sourcing Guide

Before choosing a manufacturer of air to water heat pump or selecting the type of air to hot water heat pump for certain applications, there is some information to note.

What is an Air to Water Heat Pump?

An Air to Water Heat Pump is a heating and cooling system that extracts heat from the outdoor air and transfers it to a water-based heat distribution system. There are two basic types: Monoblock Heat Pump and Split System Heat Pump.

How Does Air to Water Heat Pump Work?

Basically, an air to water heat pump works by extracting heat from outdoor air and transferring it to a water-based heating system. It comes with a refrigerant in the evaporator that absorbs heat, then compresses it into high temperature and high pressure gas, providing efficient heating for residential, commercial, or industrial spaces.

Air-to-Water Heat Pump Installation

The air to water heat pump is positioned outdoor in a central position with connection to the indoor unit, as well as the water distribution system, which includes the water tank, heat pump kit, floor heating plumbing and buffer tank. They are all linked to the various fan coils.

How to Select the Trustworthy Air-to-Water Heat Pump Supplier and Manufacturer

Selecting a manufacturer and supplier for your high or low temperature heat pump is crucial. Because it makes or breaks your business and word of mouth. The factors below should be carefully examined and consulted before choosing from the many air to water heat pump suppliers on the market.
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
Confirm if the MOQ of the air to water heat pump supplier accommodates the quantity you want to order. At SPRSUN, we offer a MOQ of 3 units, allowing both small and bulk orders.
Turnaround Time and Packaging
Confirm how long it will take to deliver your order and how safe the packaging is. At SPRSUN, we are done with production within one month, and the heat pumps are packaged in strong wood containers to avoid damage during transportation.
International Quality Certificates
Firstly, confirm if the air-to-liquid heat pump's production standards conform with your target market's regulations. SPRSUN products are manufactured based on EN14511 standard with MCS, TUV, KEYMARK, BAFA, SAA, ERP, RoHS, and CE certificates. We also comply with specific regional standards to help you gain access to the market.
Is There A Provision for Accessories & Replacement Parts?
Check if the air to water heat pump supplier provides accessories and replacement parts for heat pumps in case of damage. SPRSUN provides a heat pump installation kit and accessories to reduce installation costs and time. You don’t need to buy new installation kits and replacement parts.
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