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Selling heat pumps to over 60 countries worldwide, SPRSUN offers a wide range of products for consumers to choose from. As a heat pump manufacturer, we do not usually deal directly with end users to protect the interests of our local partners. Customers can enjoy a 3-5 year warranty with lifelong maintenance support. In addition, we provide installation and user guides, as well as controller software updates. Whenever you have a question, need product information, need technical support or want to purchase components, feel free to contact one of our local partners.

Heat Pump Warranty

3 Years
Standard Warranty
5 Years
Extended Warranty
Maintenance Services
Economy is more affordable

After Sales Service
SPRSUN offers standard 36-month warranty. Customers can pay a small fee to extend the warranty to five years. Within the warranty period since the delivery date, if the product has any failure under normal usage, SPRSUN will provide free assembly parts. After the expiration of the warranty period, we will continue to provide lifelong maintenance services, with just a small amount of charges.

Installation & User Guides

Get the latest installation and user manuals for your SPRSUN heat pumps in one single location: SPRSUN Online Download Center. You can download the right version according to the category and model of your heat pump.

Economy is more affordable

Controller Software Update
To improve the performance of your system, our R&D team may update the controller software for our DC inverter heat pumps. If updates are available, please download the correct version according to your heat pump model.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting FAQs

  • What Should I Do If My Heat Pump's Heating Capacity Is Too Low?

    Possible Reason: 
    1. Refrigerant is not enough;
    2. Water system insulating is not good;
    3. Air heat exchanger is dirty;
    4. Water heat exchanger scaled.
    1. Check leakage and repair and refill gas;
    2. Improve the insulation;
    3. Clean air heat exchanger;
    4. Clean water heat exchanger.

  • How Do I Troubleshoot the Fan Motor?

    Possible Reason: 
    1. Fan blade fixing screw is loose;
    2. Fan motor damaged;
    3. Fan motor capacitance damaged.
    1. Tight the screw;
    2. Change fan motor;
    3. Change the capacitance.

  • Is There a Solution to a Noisy Compressor?

    Possible Reason: 
    1. Expansion valve damaged lead to liquid entering compressor;
    2. The internal parts of compressor damaged;
    3. Compressor lack of oil.
    1. Change expansion valve;
    2. Change compressor;
    3. Compensate oil for compressor.
  • How Can I Fix a Compressor When It Stops Working?

    Possible Reason: 
    1. Power supply has error;
    2. Cable connecting is loose;
    3. Compressor is overheating.
    1. Check reason and solve;
    2. Check loose and repair;
    3. Check reason and repair.
  • How Can I Deal with a Compressor Running but Not Heating?

    Possible Reason: 
    1. There is no refrigerant at all;
    2. Compressor damaged.
    1. Check leakage and repair.
    2. Change compressor.

  • What Should I Do if the Heat Pump Doesn't Run?

    Possible Reason:
    1. Power supply cable is loose;
    2. The fuse of power supply is fused. 
    1. Cut off the power supply to check and repair. 
    2. Change the fuse.

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