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SPRSUN Heat Pump Projects Worldwide
SPRSUN heat pumps are now welcome by customers from India, Romania, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, South Africa and so on. Below are some of our projects worldwide.
Our Latest Projects
Project in India
In India, a series of 10P air source heat pumps are installed on a building roof for hot water supply.
Project in Romania
SPRSUN high COP air to water heat pumps are used for domestic room heating in Romania
Project in Taiwan
This is a hotel project in Taiwan. Our air source heat pump installed with solar panels provides hot water supply for the building.
Projects in Other Countries
In other countries like Netherlands, South Africa and so on, our heat pump products (such as DC inverter heat pumps, 
EVI heat pumps, etc) are applied for both demostic and commercial hot water, space heating and cooling.
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