Work Efficiently at Low Temperature

EVI Low Temp Heat Pumps

As one of the cold climate heat pump manufacturers, SPRSUN provides the best EVI cold climate heat pumps. They can also function as cooling devices in summer.
These low temperature heat pumps are developed using the Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) compressor technology and high-efficiency eco-friendly refrigerant. This ensures the units can work normally at as low as -30℃ and supply heating in cold areas.

Cold Climate Heat Pump Manufacturer – SPRSUN

Stepping out of the conventional and manufacturing improved cold climate heat pump is what SPRSUN does best. As a new energy heat pump supplier, we focus mainly on surpassing the norm and developing modern low ambient heat pumps that can provide optimal comfort even in extremely cold regions. In terms of cost, features, performance, and other characteristics, we stand far ahead of other cold climate heat pump manufacturers.


Why You Need Heat Pumps for Cold Climates

Modern cold climate air source heat pump engineering has evolved to include features unavailable a decade ago, such as variable speed, inverter-driven compressor technology, and improved defrost-cycle controls. All these boost the efficiency of the heat pumps, making them perform more than expected.
EVI Enhanced Vapor Injection​​​​​​​Technology
EVI stands for Enhanced Vapor Injection, which is a technology utilized in our low-temperature heat pumps to deliver higher performance in cold climates. EVI allows a 20% increase in refrigerant flow into the evaporator at a lower entry temperature. It incorporates a 3rd smaller internal plate heat exchanger referred to as an "Economizer" in the refrigeration cycle. Some of the refrigerant vapor on the condenser combines with the cooler gas on the expansion side of the evaporator through a bypass valve. This combination leads to the transfer of heat energy, which increases the gas temperature further and is then injected into the head of the scroll compressor through a separate vapor injection port at mid-range pressure. With EVI heat pump technology, the maximum flow temperature limitation of other cold climate heat exchangers is overcome, and more heat is delivered, resulting in a better COP at much lower temperatures. The performance efficiency is increased by 20-30%.

Integrated Heating Solution

Unlike other air source heat pumps for cold climates, SPRSUN’s cold weather heat pump can satisfy home heating, cooling, and hot water needs. The pump is designed to integrate seamlessly with multiple heating sources in the building, including pools or hot tubs, to provide full heat with powerful heat exchangers.
Our air source heat pump for cold weather also comes with a Cascade control system that supports the control of multiple units with one panel. It allows various units to work in harmony for exceptional energy efficiency and consistent comfort.

Leading DC Inverter Technology

With a maximum COP of 5.89, our cold weather heat pumps use advanced DC inverter technologies to guarantee efficient heating in low temperatures and wide voltage operation. Better temperature control is achieved. The DC inverter compressor and controller automatically modify the operating frequency according to the ambient temperature. This greatly improves the heating capacity in low-temperature environments.
The heat pumps operate by starting at a low frequency and gradually to a high frequency, ensuring that the power grid, electricity meter, and other indoor electrical appliances are safe. Low Temp heat pumps come with DC inverter brushless fans to reduce the noise to a 49dB minimum.
Build To Be The Best

Advanced Low-Temperature Heat Pumps Make You Succeed

Looking at the numerous heat pumps circulated on the market, you would need those with advanced technologies to outplay the competition. Our low temp heat pump is designed to start in high speed mode, allowing it to quickly achieve the desired room temperature. This not only improves comfort but also results in reduced operating costs. Here are some of the outstanding features of our low temperature heat pumps.

ERP A+++ Performance

With a maximum COP of 5.89 and rated with A+++ energy label, the world's highest energy efficiency rating, our heat pumps for cold climates minimize energy consumption and bills.

R32 Refrigerant

Built with R32 refrigerants, which are more environmentally friendly compared to other traditional refrigerants. They curb carbon emission and help achieve the global goal of carbon neutrality.

Reduced Noise Operation

Using multiple soundproof elements like brushless DC inverter fans, Panasonic compression dual shock absorption, and strong pads, the heat pumps have a reduced operating sound level as low as 
49 dBA.

Smart & Integrated Control System

With our self-developed CGK online intelligent control system and CAREL controller, the heat pumps can be managed through a remote APP. The system is easy to control, stable in performance, and truly a smart operating system.

Intelligent Defrosting & Anti-Freezing

SPRSUN independently developed its PID intelligent defrosting control mode, which calculates the temperature difference and the accumulated working time of the compressor to judge the frosting conditions of the evaporator. The defrosting time cycle does not exceed 20% of the operation cycle.

Touch Screen Controller

Comes with a colorful touch screen that allows for easy control of the temperature and setting of the system modes. Having a modern and clear interface, it can quickly check error codes, making sure the room temperature can be modified at any time.

Multiple Security Protection

Built with multiple protections like the 4-way valve that guarantee no leakage and PID intelligent defrosting control mode that prevent the heat pump from defrosting confusion and energy consumption. This improves the reliability and economy of the whole unit.

Low Ambient Temp(-30⁰C - 45⁰C)

Integrating the Panasonic Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) technology rotary compressor, our heat pump in cold climates works stably where the ambient temperature range is between -30⁰C to 45⁰C.
Flexible Custom Service

Tailor-Made Heat Pump for Cold Weather

As a specialized domestic and commercial heat pump water heater manufacturer, we leverage our in-depth product know-how and advanced techniques to tailor-made cold temperature heat pumps feasibly and affordably. We provide all-round made-to-order service taking care of any specific customization needs.

Logo & Symbol

To beat competition and rise to the topmost height in the heat pump industry, you can create awareness about your brand and a sense of identity in customers’ minds. We help you achieve this by customizing your brand logo on the heat pump units.

Appearance & Color

With an extensive capability to satisfy your needs, we can customize your cold weather air source heat pump units according to any shape, size, or color desired. We also have a collection of options for inspiration.

Enclosure Material

Each low temperature heat pump is tailor-made with strong enclosure materials like stainless steel plate, titanium, ABS, weather-resistant PP, and galvanized plate spraying that can withstand the test of time and function perfectly under extremely cold conditions.


Backed by all the resources to fulfill customers’ specific demands, be rest assured of getting the best cold climate air to water heat pump for your desired application. Communicate your specifications to us while we bring them to reality.

Cold Climate Heat Pumps

We have a broad collection of the best cold weather heat pumps in the industry. Explore our low ambient wholesale heat pumps.

Buffer Tank/Hot Wter Tank

Made with strong materials to prevent leakage, our buffer tank is efficient for storing excess heat for emergency purposes. This ensures steady heating even in the coldest conditions.

Heat Pump Kit for Installation

Our cold climate ducted heat pump comes with a kit containing compatible accessories for easy installation. No need to source for installation kits separately.

Fan Coil

For maximum comfort in cold weather, our fan coils distribute warm air effectively, which guarantees uniform heating throughout the building.

We Bring Best Cold Climate Heat Pump System Solution

As the premier manufacturer of superior heat pumps for cold weather, SPRSUN offers one-stop products and inclusive services to provide the best heating solutions to cold climate weather.

How Do Cold Climate Heat Pumps Work?

To better understand how heat pump in extreme cold weather works, these are the 4 major parts involved:
  • Outdoor and indoor unit
  • Refrigerant
  • Compressor
  • Expansion and reversing valve
A standard heat pump low temperature system has an outdoor and indoor unit linked by the expansion valve. When it’s put in the heating mode, the pump absorbs heat from outside and transfers it to the refrigerant. Then, the compressor pressurizes the R32 refrigerant, which increases the air’s temperature before spreading it through the building. When a low temperature heat pump is put in the cooling mode, reverse is the case. The pump takes heat from the inside air and the reversing valve transfers this hot air out of the building.

Will Cold Climate Heat Pumps Lose Efficiency

Regardless of the degree of cold, SPRSUN’s cold climate heat pumps maintain efficient performance. Thanks to our professional manufacturing process and integration of advanced technology, the pumps guarantee reliable functionality even in frigid -30⁰C environments. There's guarantee for optimal comfort during the harshest winter seasons.
Benefits Getting From Us

Professional Manufacturer of Cold Climate Heat Pump You Can Count On

Over the years, SPRSUN has established its feet as the best heat pump supplier, providing customers all over the world with energy-efficient heat pumps at low temperatures. Our products are especially popular in cold regions like Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and so on. Working with us can give you an edge over others.

24+ Years of Industry Prowess

Founded in 1999, SPRSUN has developed to be a leading manufacturer of air source heat pumps in cold weather, with an unbeatable wealth of experience and technical know-how. We understand the constant changes in customers’ needs and the latest trends and advise you on improving your business.

Competitive Factory Price

To help you gain more customers and profits, we provide cold weather heat pumps that are affordable. Thanks to our long-term relationship with industry-leading suppliers, we procure raw materials at subsidized prices. Hence, we are able to offer budget-friendly prices without compromising quality.

Marketing & Advice Support

SPRSUN stands out from other cold climate heat pump manufacturers, as we offer effective marketing toolkits to push your business forward. The product selling point, HD pictures and video, and marketing materials are ready. You can start your business in 1 minute.

Unbeatable Production Capability

Our 30,000 sqm in-house factory, geared with careful craftsmen and advanced facilities will become your powerful production strength to ensure your speed-to-market plan. With up to 25,000 pcs of monthly capacity, we can stably supply high-quality low-temp heat pumps without shortage.

Provide Accessories & Installation Kits

We also provide compatible accessories and installation kits. Our range of accessories and installation kits is designed to perfectly complement our cold weather heat pumps, so you won't need to waste time and energy searching for compatible spare parts elsewhere.

Quick Turnaround Time

SPRSUN operates with a 1-month turnaround time. Having a standard manufacturing factory totaling 30,000+ sqm, cutting-edge equipment, 600+ employees, our stable and quick cold-climate heat pump supply is guaranteed by large capacity and scientific management.

Hassle-Free Customers Support

As your business partners, we continue to work closely with you even after low-temperature heat pump production in the pursuit of your continuous improvement. Your worries are saved fully.
24/7 Consultation > R&D > Production > Spare Parts > Technic/Marketing Training >Tailor-Made Plan > 36-Month Warranty

Installation Diagrams for Cold Weather Heat Pump

SPRSUN has a great specialty in setting up air source heat pumps in cold weather. Below are the basic installation diagrams for cold climate heat pumps.

Cental Hot Water

Constant Temperature, Sufficient Water Volume, 
24-hour Instant Supply.

House Cooling + Domestic Hot Water

Meet the Requirements of Both Central Hot Water and Air Conditioning.

Fan Coil Heating + Floor Heating + DHW

Water Cycled Floor Heating, Well distributed Heat Dissipation, Hot Water, Healthy & Energy Saving.

Fan Coil Heating + Domestic Hot Water

Meet the Requirements of BothCentral Hot Water and Room.

Floor Heating + Domestic Hot Water

Efficient and comfortable heating for home, constant supply of hot water.

With Gas/Propane/Electric Boiler Back Up

Can be used in conjunction with other fuel energy sources.

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