Air Source Heat Pump Family

Look for effective heating solutions for your business or projects? Our air source heat pumps are manufactured 
to provide you with efficient and eco-friendly heating options. Trust us to provide the best products for your needs. Reduce carbon footprint and energy bills with SPRSUN’s air source heat pumps. 

Impressive Air Source Heat Pumps Supplied by SPRSUN

With over two decades of industry experience as a leading heat pump China manufacturer, we place top emphasis on clients’ benefits as we fuse our unmatched production capabilities and high-grade materials to provide reliable air source heating and cooling pumps.

Air Source Monoblock Heat Pumps forHot Water/House Heatin

Unparalled Air Source Heat Pump Supplier

Specializing in the production of authentic air source heat pump, SPRSUN as a well-positioned company in the industry integrate the use of advanced technologies and techniques. Our air heat pump systems are engineered with 5 working modes (Central Hot Water, Central Cooling, Water House Heating, Hot Water + House Cooling, and Hot Water + House Heating) to drive our clients forward with countless business profits and brilliant user experience.

As a professional air source heat pumps manufacturer, we are focused on supplying the most reliable air source heat pump system, hence all our products comply strictly with ISO9001, ISO14001, and 6S management standards.
Build To Be The Best

SPRSUN Air Source Heat Pumps Benefits You Desire Exactly

Backed by our talented engineers and inclusion of state-of-the-art technology into production, we excel in providing high-quality air source pump systems that offer outstanding benefits. These industry-leading heat pump features can elevate your business.

Advanced Energy Saving

With maximum COP 5.95 and advanced DC inverter technology, our air source heat pump charges and recirculates effectively, saving more than 75% energy compared to electric heating. This helps to reduce energy bills.

ERP A+++ Performance

As one of the top-rated air source heat pump companies, SPRSUN products are rated ERP A+++, the highest heating system rating in the world. This means more than 30% energy saved and less costs.

Reduced Noise

In addition to brushless DC inverter fans, we adopt various sound insulation measures like Panasonic Compression dual shock absorption and strong pads to reduce noise. The sound level is as low as 42 dBA.

Smart & Integrated Control System

Equipped with CAREL and our self-developed CGK control system, the air source pumps can be remotely controlled via WIFI. Multiple units can be controlled with one panel. It’s easy to manage and truly realizes man-machine separation.

Intelligent Defrosting

SPRSUN air source heat pump company developed our own PID intelligent defrosting control mode. This mode enables the heat pump to detect and enter defrosting mode automatically. It prevents any confusion and reduces energy consumption.

Upgraded Heating Efficiency

With DC inverter compressor, our heat pump adjusts its frequency based on temperature, improving heating capacity and performance in low-temperature environments. Maximum heating capacity ranges from 6KW to 32KW.

Anti-Freezing Protection

The CAREL controller records temperature unaided using sensors that monitor surrounding conditions. When it gets to a relatively high temperature, it automatically switches to low frequency to prevent freezing.

Heat in -25⁰C Low Temperature

Using the Panasonic Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) Technology Rotary Compressor, the air source pumps can work stably in cold weather where the lowest temperature reaches -25⁰C and hot weather where the highest temperature reaches 75⁰C.
All-around Heating solution

Boost Your Business with Our Air-Source Heat Pump Solution

SPRSUN is a one-stop air heat pump supplier that provides wholesale heat pumps with versatile functions for numerous applications, such as domestic, commercial, cold climates, swimming pools, and industrial. We have been helping hundreds of customers covering a vast scale of industry applications to achieve heating solutions to simplify their sourcing tasks.

Domestic Air Source Heat Pump

With a maximum outlet water temperature of 60⁰C, working ambient temperature of -25⁰C to 45⁰C, air source heat pump is designed for residential applications. It comes with a built-in water pump and a low noise level range between 42DB - 45DB.

Air Source Heat Pump for Cold Climates

Developed using the Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) Compressor Technology and high-efficiency eco-friendly refrigerant, air source heat pump can work normally at extremely low temperatures as much as -30⁰C.

Commercial Air Source Heat Pump

SPRSUN heat pumps air source are commonly used for applications like hotels, school, malls, and hospitals that require summer air conditioning, winter heating, and year-round hot water. It comes with a heating capacity of 9.5KW - 88KW, automatic defrosting, anti-freezing, and multiple protections.

Air Source Heat Pump for Pool

As a proficient pool heat pump manufacturer, the ducted air source heat pump adopts step-less Panasonic inverter compressors and brushless DC fans to minimize noise, making the pool super comfortable. Combined with a wide heating (18⁰C - 35⁰C) and cooling (32⁰C - 15⁰C) setting range, the heat pump uses reliable materials with aluminum edging to avoid corrosion.

Industrial Air Source Heat Pump

The industrial air source heat pump hot water is made with advanced compression and heat exchange technologies that produce the high temperature needed for all industrial processes. With the CAREL controller, the heat frequency can be easily managed through the surrounding condition.
Mature & Powerful Production System

One-Stop Manufacturing Solution for Your Air Source Pumps

SPRSUN people is designing heat pump
Design Drawing​​​​​​​
We have a fully-equipped 30000+ air source heat pump factory, an independent heat pump testing laboratory, and up-to-date professional R&D team that help develop the best heat pumps in the industry. Our capabilities extend to implementing customers' customized solutions. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
SPRSUN raw material supplier
Premium Raw Materials​​​​​​​
As a premium supplier of air source heat pumps focused on customer satisfaction, we only use the best raw materials. Hence, we partner with top companies like Panasonic, CAREL, Grundfos, Copeland, Mitsubishi, Schneider, and SANYO for upgraded ASHP quality.
SPRSUN heat pump manufacturing process
Lean Manufacturing​​​​​​​
Backed by the most competent workers and efficient, multiple production lines, we are able to manufacture wholesale air source heat pumps effectively (25,000+ per month). All our products can perform efficiently no matter the climate or condition they are exposed to.​​​​​​​
heat pump inspection
Rigorous Quality Control​​​​​​​
As a professional China air source heat pump producer, all our products go through 5 stringent inspection processes, which are: System Design QC, Incoming Material QC, Assembly System QC, Piping Graft QC, and Finished Product QC. ​​​​​​​
sturky packaging for heat pumps
Sturdy Packaging
After production, the air source heat pumps are packaged in strong wood boxes or cartons. Full recordings of the container loading, including photos, videos, and data, are sent to you.
SPRSUN heat pumps shipping delivery
Logistics & Delivering
Once the packaging process is complete, high-quality heat pumps are delivered in the most efficient and reliable way possible. With an estimated delivery time of one month, you can rest assured that your order will arrive in a timely manner.
Benefits Getting From Us

Why Make SPRSUN Your Second to None Air Source Heat Pump Supplier

Over the years, excellent products based on leading technology and professional service have earned SPRSUN its reputation as the world’s leading air to water heat pump supplier. Our air-source heat pump are popular globally, especially in countries like Germany, Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, etc. Scale collaboration with us can help level up your business and projects due to our latest heat pumps.

25+ Years of Professional Powess

Since establishing SPRSUN air source heat pump China company in 1999, we' ve continually studied market trends to provide our clients with top-notch services. With many years of experience at home and abroad, we can recommend and deliver the best heat pump solutions.

Exceptional and Wide Products

Stands out from other air source heat pump (ASHP) manufacturers, SPRSUN can help extend your product line easily with various heat pumps. We have different air heat pump systems for domestic, commercial, cold climates, swimming pools, and industrial applications.

Lean Manufacturing Capacity

As a proficient air source heat pump China manufacturer, we can meet all customers’ requirements, including small, bulk, and demanding orders. Backed by our large production factory, advanced testing lab, cutting-edge tech, 2,5000 monthly units are fulfilled.

Certified Product Quality

We only source raw materials from leading industry suppliers and they are keenly inspected to ensure they meet up with the required standard. We comply with various domestic and foreign standards, making sure the heat pumps are certified in your target market region.

Cutting-edge Craftsmanship

Thanks to the expertise of our professional engineers, we pay attention to every detail of what you need. The air heat pumps are fabricated to have user-friendly designs, excellent welding to prevent leakage, strong pads to reduce noise, thick insulation to prevent energy loss, and aluminum edging to avoid corrosion.

Marketing Analysis Support

Deeply analyze your target market, competitors, and market trends to propel the rise of your business. We can also provide promotion strategies that align with seasonal and customer needs and effective marketing toolkits like product drawing/video.

Quick Lead Time

After production, the air source heating and cooling systems are loaded in strong wooden packaging or cartons to avoid damage during transportation. Shipment is arranged for the next day and our trusted logistic partners will make delivery to your location immediately.

All-in-One Services Under One Roof

With full dedication as an air source heat pump supplier, we are willing to cooperate with you from the beginning to the end. Our services cover from project consultation, sampling, to after sales service.
• OEM/ODM Service
• 36 Month Waranty
• 24/7reply
• Technical support and know-how

Air Source Heat Pump Sourcing Guide

Before selecting a supplier of air source heat pump or choosing a preferred type of air heat pump system, certain facts must be known.

What is an Air Source Heat Pump?

Air Source Heat Pump is a heating and cooling system that extracts heat from the outside air and transmits it into the building for warmth & comfort. It’s an energy-efficient alternative to traditional heating systems like boilers or electric heaters.

How Does an Air Source Heat Pump Work?

Based on reverse Carnot cycle, the refrigerant in the evaporator absorbs a large amount of energy from the air, which is then compressed into high-temperature and high-pressure gas by the compressor and finally exchanging heat through the heat exchanger, so as to provide house heating and hot water.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation System

Basically, the air source heat pump is mounted outdoor in a central position with connections to the water tank, heat pump kit, and buffer tank, which are linked to the various fan coils.

How to Pick Up the Trustworthy Air Source Heat Pumps Supplier and Manufacturer

Choosing a reliable heat pumps supplier is a linchpin because it involves a relatively large investment and whether it can thrust your business and project forward. When choosing from many air-source heat pump suppliers, consider these essential factors.
International Quality Certificates
International quality certifications depict the accessibility of the air heat pumps in different parts of the world. SPRSUN products are manufactured based on EN14511 standard with MCS, TUV, KEYMARK, BAFA, SAA, ERP, RoHS, and CE certificates. We also comply with specific regional standards to help you gain access to the market.
Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
Unlike other air source heat pump suppliers, we are very reasonable with our MOQ. At SPRSUN, we offer a MOQ of 3 units, allowing both small and bulk orders.
Whether Provide Accessories & Replacement Parts?
Choose a supplier of air source heat pumps that will provide matching accessories and replacement parts needed for your heat pumps when they get damaged. SPRSUN make provision for a heat pump kit and accessories to hep you reduce installation cost and time. You don’t need to buy new installation kits and replacement parts.
Whether Provide Air Source Heat Pump Samples
Before placing an order, please ensure that the supplier can provide air source heat pump samples for you to confirm the quality. This will inform you if the supplier can meet your demands. SPRSUN communicates with you to know your requirements and provide desired samples in no time.
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