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10-25KW High COP Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pump for Hot Water & Floor Heating

1. High COP: 5.21/5.22

2. Power Supply: 220V-415V

3. Running Temp: -10℃~35℃

4. Refrigerant: R410A

5. Heating Capacity: 10/15/18/19.5/25KW
  • CGS-9 CGS-12 CGS-18 CGS-22

Heat Pump Features

Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump


SPRSUN ground source heat pumps are designed for domestic/commercial hot water and house heating. They have the following important features:


  • Absorb heat from soil underground

  • Installed in basement or any place you want

  • Not affected by outdoor air temperature

  • Two functions: hot water & house heating (heating/cooling available in other models)

  • Working mode can be changed freely

  • Automatic multiple protection and breakdown self check function


Technical Features of Geothermal Ground Source Heat Pump



Heat Pump Specifications


  • Rated working condition: heating: source side inlet/outlet water temp: 15℃/10℃, load side inlet/outlet water temp: 15℃/55℃


CGS-9 CGS-12 CGS-18
Power Supply V 220V~240V/50Hz/1ph
Heating Capacity KW 10.0 15.0 18.0
Input Power of Heating KW 1.90 2.87 3.44
5.25 5.22 5.23
Rated Current A 9.6 14.5 17.4
Max Current A 13.0 19.6 23.5
Water Flow of Load Side L/h 1911 2866 3439
Water Flow of Source Side L/h 1547 2317 2782
Water Pressure Drop Kpa ≤30 ≤31 ≤33
Net Weight kg 71 75 94
Gross Weight kg 81 85 109
Noise db 45 45 48
Pipe Size (Internal Thread) mm 25 25 25
Dimension mm 700*580*730 700*580*730 700*580*730
Packing Dimension mm 790*670*900 790*670*900 790*670*900
Compressor Model/Quantity


CGS-12 CGS-18 CGS-22
Power Supply V 380V~415V/50Hz/3ph
Heating Capacity KW 15.0 19.5 25.0
Input Power of Heating KW 2.87 3.74 4.77
5.22 5.22 5.24
Rated Current A 5.5 7.1 9.1
Max Current A 7.4 9.6 12.2
Water Flow of Load Side L/h 2866 3726 4777
Water Flow of Source Side L/h 2317 3012 3865
Water Pressure Drop Kpa ≤31 ≤33 ≤35
Net Weight kg 75 94 101
Gross Weight kg 85 109 116
Noise db 45 48 49
Pipe Size (Internal Thread) mm 25 25 25
Dimension mm 700*580*730 700*580*730 700*580*730
Packing Dimension mm 790*670*900 790*670*900 790*670*900
Compressor Model/Quantity



Heat Pump Brand Components


Our heat pumps use high quality components, such as Copeland scroll compressor, Danfoss Electronic expansion valve and Eaton AC contactor and thermal relay, etc.


heat pump components



Installation Diagram


It is easy to install Sprsun ground source heat pump as shown by the following diagram: 

ground source heat pump installation diagram







We care every detail on what you need!

  • Super Low Noise: Fitted cut clothes for compressor and strong pads to avoid vibration

  • Anti-corrosion: Aluminum edging                         

  • Exellent Welding Guarantee No Leakage: Four-way valve welding protection 


Workmanship of Ground Source Heat Pump


  • Energy Saving: 30mm thickness for insulation to prevent energy lost

  • User-friendly Design: Ram design using machine wire

  • Reliability of the Connection: Adopt automatic stamping machine from Taiwan


energy saving ground heat pumps


Model Series



Related models are as below:

Ground Source Heat Pump Models




Technical Support


Our experienced engineering team provides good support for any questions concerning the products and installation before, during and after products are sold. 


Before Selling

  • Set up customers file and arrange professional sales engineers to introduce company products and services to customers in details.

  • If customers are interested in our products, we will send professional technicians to survey the installation environment.

  • Provide solutions according to different customers' requirements.


During Selling

  • Machine installed and tested by QA engineers.

  • Ensure all the products we provide are qualified and new. The working life of the main engine is 15 years.

  • Construct and install the heat pump according to national relevant policies strictly and ensure high quality delivery on time.

  • Test and debug the equipments strictly to ensure the safety and stability.

  • During the delivery, provide comprehensive and professional technical training on instructions and maintenance to customers.


After Selling

  • We promise to offer free consulting call in 7×24 hours mode to solve the problems found in practice. The number is 86-20-82181867.

  • Sprsun offers 18-month long warranty. Within 18 months since the delivery date, if the product has any failure under normal usage, Sprsun will provide free assembly parts.

  • After the expiration of the warranty period, we will continue to provide lifelong maintenance services, with just a small amount of charges.






SPRSUN is a professional heat pump manufacturer founded in 1999. As one of the leading heat pump suppliers in China, SPRSUN manufactures several different types of heat pumps, including DC inverter heat pumps, air source hot water heat pumps and swimming pool heat pumps. They are produced based on EN14511 standard with CCC, CE, CB, SAA, ROHS, TUV and ERP certificates. We also cooperate with leading companies such as Panasonic, CAREL, Grundfos, Copeland, Mitsubish and Sanyo to ensure upgraded product quality. Over the years, excellent products based on leading technology and professional service have earned SPRSUN its reputation as one of the leading heat pump suppliers all over the world.
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