Commercial Heat Pumps

Commercial heat pumps fundamentally eliminate safety hazards such as flammability, explosion, and leakage, eliminate safety hazards of traditional heating equipment, and have zero exhaust gas emissions, making them more environmentally friendly. SPRSUN commercial heat pump has a wide range of applications and is not affected by any environment. As long as there is air, it can provide energy-saving hot water and heating solutions for hotels, villas, hospitals, schools, factories, and other projects.

Why Do You Need Commercial Heat Pump

Commercial air to water heat pumps are highly beneficial to keep the commercial space warm and cool for individuals and businesses. The engineering has evolved to include features that were not available years ago, hence there is improved heating and cooling solutions to enjoy.

SPRSUN’s heat pumps for commercial buildings come with superior features like variable speed, inverter-driven compressor technology, Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) technology, and improved defrost cycle for more efficient performance. Low temp commercial heat pump uses EVI technology to break through the low-temperature bottleneck of conventional heat pumps and achieve stable production of hot water in -30℃ environment.

Big Savings for Business & Environment

Unlike traditional heating pump systems that consume much energy and emit strong carbon emissions, our commercial ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) systems consume less energy and emit less carbon, resulting in reduced cost and safer environment.

Commercial Heat Pumps

Premium Commercial Air Source Heat Pump Supplier – SPRSUN

SPRSUN’s air source heat pumps for commercial buildings combine the flexibility and efficiency of hydronic systems with the integration of modern technology, resulting in high-performing heating and cooling units.

As a leading heat pumps manufacturer, our commercial heat pumps are professionally built to meet tomorrow’s standard. We envisage above the norm, bringing the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly technology together to produce premium commercial heat pump systems. Our products are approved by ISO9001 and ISO14001, certifying their top quality and environmental sustainability

Advanced Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps You Desire

As an expert commercial central heating pump manufacturer, we operate a streamlined manufacturing process based on EN14511 standard with MCS, TUV, SG, KEYMARK, SAA, ERP, CE, CB and CCC certificates. Our commercial heat pump water heaters are built with advanced technologies to elevate your business and engineering project.
  • DC Inverter Technology
  • CGK/WIFI (optional) Remote Control
  • Energy Saving Up to 75% 
  • Lower Operation Cost
  • Multiple Protections and Environmentally-friendly
  • Intelligent Defrosting/ Anti Freezing
  • -30⁰C Low Temperature Heating
  • Heating Capacity: 9.5KW-88KW

Quad Systems with Independent Air Cavity

SPRSUN’s commercial hot water heat pumps feature a quad independent compressor system, allowing each unit to function individually at high performance. This means that if a ducted heat pump module is in need of maintenance, the other module can still operate at its full capacity.
All-around Heating solution

Flexible Commercial Heating Pump Solutions

We have a wide range of commercial central heating pumps that provide unmatched heating and cooling solutions for public sector buildings, villas, holiday accommodations, farms, and various commercial projects. For large projects, heat pump modules can be assembled and combined according to the actual load size.

Heat Pumps for Public Sector Buildings

Schools, airlines, companies, etc. can all use SPRSUN commercial air source heat pump system. SPRSUN hot water heat pumps and pool heat pumps are used to provide hot water and swimming pool heating and constant temperature for the entire school's student and employee apartments.

Central Heating Project

Commercial heat pump systems are very suitable for clean heating “Coal-to-Electricity” projects. SPRSUN provides more than 10,000 commercial air source heat pump units for central heating.

Heat Pumps for Holiday Accommodation

Commercial heat pump system plays an important role in tourist resort hotels and professional development training bases. Eight SPRSUN commercial hot water heat pumps are used to supply 160 tons of 55°C hot water per day, providing hot water and constant temperature swimming pool heating for hotels, apartments, and hot springs throughout the resort, fully meeting the needs of hotel operations.

Commercial Heat Pumps for Farms

Take the livestock breeding company project as an example. This heating project not only solves the problem of heating livestock in winter, but also meets the hot water and heating needs of office buildings and dormitories in one stop. The temperature control of the farm is precise and easy to operate. The heating costs are greatly reduced, and the output of the farm is also increased. The green greenhouse heating technology developed around heat pumps not only controls room temperature more intelligently, but also effectively promotes the growth of crops and reduces labor costs.
High Efficiency

How Do Commercial Heat Pumps Work

Basically, a heat pump for commercial buildings works by transferring heat from one location to another using a refrigeration cycle. It absorbs heat from the air and releases it to provide heating or cooling for commercial spaces.

Commercial heat pump system operation involves using electricity to power the fan and compressor. This action results in the absorption of surrounding heat, compression of the medium into high-temperature and high-pressure gas, and finally exchange of heat through an exchanger to provide heating or hot water for commercial buildings.
Mature & Powerful Production System

One-Stop Manufacturing Solution for Commercial 

Heat Pump Water Heater

SPRSUN is one of the most competent commercial heat pump water heater manufacturers with a wide capacity and knowledge of providing premium hot and cold weather heat pumps for commercial spaces. From concept to shelf, we’ve got you covered.
SPRSUN people is designing heat pump
Design Drawing​​​​​​​
Backed by highly-skilled R&D staff, we understand your ideas and brand thoroughly to draw up your heating solutions more appropriately. Your ideas will be presented with drawings from our engineers. The time for new heat pump concepts and development is also shortened.​​​​​​​
SPRSUN raw material supplier
Premium Raw Materials​​​​​​​
Our raw materials are sourced from reliable suppliers like Panasonic, CAREL, Grundfos, Copeland, Mitsubishi, Schneider, and SANYO. We only procure the best resources to guarantee the efficiency of our commercial heating pumps.
SPRSUN heat pump manufacturing process
Effective and Modern Production​​​​​​​
Thanks to our 30,000+ commercial heat pump hot water factory with multiple production lines, cutting-edge machinery, and over 600 staff, our manufacturing capacity can speed up your market launch. Our heat pumps in commercial buildings come with in-built features that make them effective under any condition.​​​​​​​
commercial heat pump inspection
Rigorous Quality Control​​​​​​​
As a reputable air source heat pump supplier that prioritizes quality, each of our commercial hot water heat pumps is 100% assessed before delivery. We conduct 5 quality control processes, which are: System Design QC, Incoming Material QC, Piping Grafts QC, Assembly System QC, and Finished Product QC.
sturky wooden packaging for heat pumps
Sturdy Packaging
The last production step is packaging the commercial heat pump systems in strong wooden containers that can withstand extreme conditions in order to prevent damage during transportation. 
SPRSUN heat pumps shipping delivery
Logistics & Delivering
With our rich logistics experience, you can rest assured that your orders will be delivered to you in the timescale. The delivery time is around 30 days.

Your Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater Manufacturer Ever Since

SPRSUN has expanded its prowess from being a residential and pool heat pump manufacturer to a one-stop heat pump service provider, including robust capability in making quality heat pump systems for commercial buildings. With a long history of experience accompanied by great customer feedback, we stand out among other commercial heat pump suppliers.

25+ Years of Experience

Since establishing the SPRSUN heat pumps company in 1999, we've served many clients at home and abroad, providing them with advanced technology heat pumps. Our professional know-how and experience have increased our customers' satisfaction worldwide.

OEM/ODM Service

SPRSUN is your reliable OEM/ODM manufacturing partner for heat pumps. Backed by R&D and highly-skilled staff, we manufacture unique commercial ASHP that make your brand stand out among competitors. SPRSUN offers flexible custom options like logo, appearance & color, specifications, and enclosure materials

Marketing & Advice Support

We treat our clients as partners, offering full marketing support and assistance. Effective marketing toolkits like commercial heat pump selling points, catalogs, attractive pics, and videos are ready to support your regular marketing or advertising.

High Production Capability

Based on our modern production system, we continuously improve lean manufacturing capacity to meet any supply needs of customers. Backed by a 30,000 sqm factory, we are capable of manufacturing over 2,5000 commercial heat pump units per month.

Quick Turnaround Time

We bear in mind your ideal timescale for the project. At SPRSUN, we operate based on a stipulated turnaround time of not more than 
1 month. Regardless of how bulky your commercial heat pump order is, we will fulfill them within a month

Care-Free After Service

After delivering your order, we commence a 36-months warranty period. Even after the warranty period, you will continue to enjoy lifelong maintenance service with just a small fee attached.

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