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18KW ERP A+++ R290 DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps for Heating Cooling

1. Max. COP: 5.35

2. Power Supply / Refrigerant : 220-240/50/1 - R290

3. Running Temp: -25℃~45℃

4. Max. Heating Capacity: 18KW

5. Max. Cooling Capacity: 16.4KW

6. Multi-functions: hot water/heating/cooling/hot water+cooling/hot water+heating
  • CGK060V4LP-B


SPRSUN 18KW R290 DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pump Parameter

Power Supply / Refrigerant V/Hz/Ph 220-240/50/1 - R290
Max. Heating Capacity (A7℃/W35℃) kW 18
C.O.P (A7℃/W35℃) W/W 4.46
Heating Capacity Min./Max.(A7℃/W35℃) kW 8.28 / 18.00
Heating Power Input Min./Max.(A7℃/W35℃) W 1547 / 4036 
C.O.P Min./Max.(A7℃/W35℃) W/W 4.46 / 5.35 
Max. Heating Capacity(A7℃/W45℃) kW 17.3
C.O.P (A7℃/W45℃) W/W 3.57 
Heating Capacity Min./Max.(A7℃/W45℃) kW 7.95  / 17.28
Heating power input Min./Max.(A7℃/W45℃) W 1954  / 4843 
C.O.P Min./Max.(A7℃/W45℃) W/W 3.57  / 4.07 
Max. Cooling Capacity(A35℃/W18℃) kW 16.4 
E.E.R (A35℃/W18℃) W/W 3.46 
Cooling Capacity Min./Max.(A35℃/W18℃) kW 7.55  / 16.42 
Cooling Power Input Min./Max.(A35℃/W18℃) W 1894  / 4743 
E.E.R Min./Max.(A35℃/W18℃) W/W 3.46  / 3.99 
Max. Cooling Capacity(A35℃/W7℃) kW 11.6 
E.E.R(A35℃/W7℃) W/W 2.77 
Cooling Capacity Min./Max.(A35℃/W7℃) kW 5.33  / 11.58 
Cooling Power Input Min./Max.(A35℃/W7℃) W 1518  / 4181 
E.E.R Min./Max.(A35℃/W7℃) W/W 2.77  / 3.51 
Max Power Input  kW 6.05 
Max Current A 12.78 
Wire diameter mm² 4.0 
Fuse or circuitbreakerer  A 20A
Compressor Type - Quantity/System
Twin Rotary - 1
Fan Quantity
Airflow m3/h 5500
Rated power W 210
Water Side Heat Exchanger Type
Plate Heat Exchanger
Water Pressure Drop kPa 25
Piping Connection Inch G1"
Pump model / UPML GEO 25-105 130
Max Water Pump Head m
Allowable Water Flow Min./Rated./Max. L/S 0.54  0.86 1.43 
Noise Level
dB(A) 62
The information in this document is just for reference. Since the continuous improvement and control in the production process, the information contained in this document may be subject to change. Please refer to the nameplate on the machine for model specifications.

Technical Support


Our experienced engineering team provides good support for any questions concerning the products and installation before, during and after products are sold. 


Before Selling

  • Set up customers file and arrange professional sales engineers to introduce company products and services to customers in details.

  • If customers are interested in our products, we will send professional technicians to survey the installation environment.

  • Provide solutions according to different customers' requirements.


During Selling

  • Machine installed and tested by QA engineers.

  • Ensure all the products we provide are qualified and new. The working life of the main engine is 15 years.

  • Construct and install the heat pump according to national relevant policies strictly and ensure high quality delivery on time.

  • Test and debug the equipments strictly to ensure the safety and stability.

  • During the delivery, provide comprehensive and professional technical training on instructions and maintenance to customers.


After Selling

  • We promise to offer free consulting call in 7×24 hours mode to solve the problems found in practice. The number is 86-20-82181867.

  • SPRSUN offers standard 24-month warranty. Customers can choose to extend the warranty to 5 years with a small amount of fee. Within the warranty period since the delivery date, if the product has any failure under normal usage, Sprsun will provide free assembly parts. 

  • After the expiration of the warranty period, we will continue to provide lifelong maintenance services, with just a small amount of charges.



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