Hot Water Tank

SPRSUN Integral Hydronic Tank is set to revolutionize the history of heat pump installations! It can help users save about 50% on installation time and labor costs.

As a highly integrated and multifunctional water tank, its compact size saves space for users. additionaly, it supports dual temperature zone control, and zero cold water control, and is equipped with dual safety protection, making heating safer and more comfortable! This hot water tank is suitable for R290 air to water heat pumps and R32 heat pumps.


Benefits of Integral Hydronic Tank
SPRSUN Integral Hydronic Tank for indoor heating and hot water integrates essential accessories, simplifying the installation of your heat pump and resulting in time and cost savings.
​​ Super Easy Installation
This multifunctional water tank can help users save about 50% of installation time and labor costs, making the installation of the heat pump simple.

 Dual Temperature Zone Control
It supports dual temperature zone control, allowing for more precise adjustment of room temperatures according to user needs.When used for domestic hot water, it can achieve zero cold water control, providing users with stable and comfortable hot water.

 Dual Safety Protection
This water tank features dual dry-burning and temperature control protection to help the heat pump operate stably, reducing unit failure rate and maintenance costs

High Integration
Various important accessories, such as hot water tanks, buffer tanks, expansion tanks, and three-way valves, have been highly integrated into its scientific design, saving more space.

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