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Exported heat pumps for 30+ countries, SPRSUN is a professional wholesale heat pumps manufacturer to many global brands. We’ve successfully served various wholesalers, fabricators, brand owners, and contractors to fulfill their projects and business of heating, hot water, and cooling needs.

Wholesale Heat Pumps in SPRSUN

SPRSUN is a professional heat pump supplier, providing a one-stop service for wholesale heat pump units. We pride ourselves as a reliable brand working with top-rated suppliers like Panasonic, CAREL, Grundfos, Copeland, Mitsubishi, and SANYO for raw materials to ensure optimal heat pump quality.

With over 25 years in the heating and cooling business, we’ve gained popularity in all nations of the world, offering a wide range of heat pumps, including heat pumps for cold climates, inverter heat pumps, monoblock heat pumps, split system heat pumps, air source heat pumps, air to water heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps, and so on.

Air Source Heat Pump

DC Inverter Heat Pumps

Air To Water Heat Pump

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Heat Pump Kits

Flexible Tailor - Made Service

Fully Customized Heat Pumps Wholesale

SPRSUN is the premier supplier of wholesale heat pumps with extensive capabilities in delivering OEM/ODM heating units. We manufacture your wholesale heat pump and bring a unique design to differentiate your brand from other heat pump companies! At SPRSUN, you can simply talk to our internal designers and skillful technicians who will provide all-round made-to-order service.

Logo & Symbol

Creating awareness about your brand and establishing your presence in the competitive market is essential to business growth. We can customize your logo/symbol on the heat pump systems, which creates a sense of identity in customers' minds.

Appearance & Color

The wholesale heat pump systems can be configured to any shape, size, and color, depending on your preference. We strive to tailor your bulk custom heat pumps to your requirements and needs.

Enclosure Material

Each wholesale heat pump system can be customized with materials like stainless steel plate, titanium, ABS, weather-resistant PP, and galvanized plate spraying that can withstand the test of time and function perfectly under any condition.


We can manufacture customized heat pumps following your specifications to suit market needs and express brand quality. Backed with years of experience, study of market trends, and advanced equipment, we bring bulk tailor-made heat pumps to life.

Heat Pump Woking Modes

Central Hot Water
Whole House Heating
Central Cooling
Hot Water + House Heating
Hot Water + House Cooling
Combine with Other Energy
Global Quality Standards.

Industry-leading Benefits of Our Wholesale Heat Pumps

Advanced Energy Saving

Maximum COP 5.95. Using advanced DC inverter technology and DC inverter controllers, the heat pumps wholesale units charge and recirculate effectively, saving more than 75% energy compared with electric heating.

ERP A+++ Performance

As one of the top-rated air source heat pump companies, SPRSUN products are rated ERP A+++, the highest heating system rating in the world. This means more than 30% energy saved and less costs.

Work Silently

Built with an encompassing internal soundproof mechanism, including brushless DC inverter fans, Panasonic compression dual shock absorption, and strong pads, the heat pumps have a reduced operating sound level as low as 42 dBA.

CAREL Controller/ CGK Controller

CAREL controller can effortlessly record temperature using sensors. Colorful touch screens allow you to control the temperature and set the system modes easily. You can also operate one panel to control multiple heat pump units.

Defrosting & Anti-Freezing

SPRSUN developed PID intelligent defrosting control mode technology. The wholesale heat pump units operate at high frequency to heat water at a faster speed and when they reach the set temperature, they switch to low frequency to avoid freezing.

WIFI Remote Control

CAREL and our self-developed CGK intelligent control system can be operated through a remote APP that’s easy to manipulate, stable in performance, and truly a smart operating system that realizes man-machine separation.

Wide Voltage Application

SPRSUN heat pumps support 150V-260V (1ph) or 330V-450V (3ph) wide voltage operation to solve safety problems caused by voltage instability.

Low Ambient Temperature (-25⁰C - 45⁰C)

Infusing the Panasonic Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) technology rotary compressor, our wholesale heat pump systems can work stably in cold climates where the temperature reaches -25⁰C.
All-around Heating solution

Wholesale Heat Pumps for Your Business Projects

Boost your business and project with our wholesale heat pump solution! Focusing on hot water, heating and cooling, our wholesale heat pumps are manufactured with advanced technology in compliance with global quality standards. Having provided heating solutions for over two decades, we have the experience and expertise to fulfill residential, commercial, or industrial tasks.

Heat Pumps for Residential Heating

Heat Pump for Cold Climates

Heat Pump for Swimming Pool

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Benefits Getting From Us

Why SPRSUN for Your Heat Pump Wholesale Business

25+ Years of Industry Leading Experience

With a wealth of experience and unmatched technical know-how, SPRSUN is among the Top 10 leading heat pump China suppliers. Our team of experts can help you choose the right heat pumps for your needs and advise you on improving your business.

Wide Variety of Heat Pumps

With a specialty in meeting every heat pump wholesale needs, we offer a broad range of options to extend your product line, enabling you to attract more customers. Our collection includes heat pumps for residential, commercial, industrial, as well as cold weather applications.

Real Wholesale Prices

As a top heat pump supplier, our customers enjoy competitive prices. Thanks to our long-term relationship with industry-leading raw material suppliers, production costs are reasonably low, making us offer affordable wholesale heat pump prices.

Marketing & Advice Support

Asides from offering top-quality wholesale heat pumps, SPRSUN shows immense concern for your business growth. We offer 24/7 free consultation, technical support, sales & marketing support to skyrocket 
your brand to the top.

Advanced Manufacturing Capacity

We have a manufacturing factory totaling 30,000+ square meters, cutting-edge equipment, and an independent testing lab, guaranteeing our production capacity and quality. Every month, we produce over 25000 heat pump units.

Quality Control & Assurance

Our production process involves five stringent quality control tests: System Design QC, Incoming Material QC, Piping Grafts QC, Assembly System QC, and Finished Products QC. Afterward, the bulk heat pumps are inspected in our independent testing laboratory to confirm.
• 99.9% Qualified Rate
• 5 Rigorous Quality Control
• Follow international standards

Wooden Packaging & Quick Supply

As soon as production is completed, the heat pumps wholesale units are loaded 
in strong wooden packaging to prevent damage during transit. SPRSUN can 
promise you a punctual delivery in 
about one month!

Worry-Free Service

We have a professional team to contact you. From heat pump inquiry to delivery and even after-sales, we have staff to communicate with you one-on-one to ensure the stable progress of your project.
24/7 consultation > R&D > production > Spare Parts > Technic Training >Tailor-made heating plan > 3-year warranty

Heat Pump Systems Wholesale Guide

To Heat pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling in any space. They help save a lot of money on energy consumption, maintenance, and bills. You need to consider some factors before making wholesale heat pumps decisions.

Where Should You Buy Wholesale Heat Pumps?

Wholesale heat pumps are no easy feat. You must make the right decision because heat pump units are quite costly, but once the types of heat pumps you wish to order are decided, the next step is choosing where to buy from.
Manufacturer or Retailer?
Since the adoption of heat pump systems is gaining popularity every day, there has been a mushroom of retailers taking advantage of the opportunity by housing all kinds of heat pump units. But should you buy directly from a manufacturer’s factory or a retailer’s store?
The points below explain why you should buy wholesale heat pumps from a manufacturer.
Heat Pump Manufacturer VS. Heat Pump Retailer 
Manufacturers always have a wide range of heat pumps available, including DC inverter heat pumps, pool heat pumps, and residential or commercial heat pumps. Due to production capability, they are the first set of people to house modern and advanced heat pumps. While retailers can't get the latest products quickly.
You can easily know the quality of heat pumps made by manufacturers through studying their production process and getting information about their quality control system. They are also mandated to comply with certain industry standards for approval. On the other hand, retailers buy from manufacturers and sell to customers without having full knowledge of the production process, so you can’t verify if the heat pumps meet the required standards.
Heat pump manufacturers can create a broad spectrum of units per your requirements. Retailers, on the other hand, can only offer you ready-made products. They can’t customize heat pump units to your specifications.
Manufacturers rarely run out of stock. They have all the resources and supply chain to produce heat pumps consistently. SPRSUN, for example, produces over 25,000 heat pump units per month. Retailers, on the other hand, store limited quantities. This means they sometimes run out of stock, waiting in the favor of manufacturers to restock.
As a professional air source heat pumps supplier, we take full responsibility for our products. In addition to providing quality heat pumps, manufacturers offer inclusive benefits like warranties, replacement parts, 24/7 customer support, etc. While retailers depend on manufacturers for these benefits. They cannot provide quick solutions to technical issues.

Things to Consider When Buying Heat Pump in Bulk

Here are the compelling points to consider when buying a heat pump in bulk. They go as far as influencing the success of your business.
Heat Pump Quality and Certificates
The quality and certifications of heat pumps depict their authenticity. SPRSUN products are manufactured based on EN14511 standard with MCS, SG, CE, KEYMARK, ISO, SAA, RoHS, and ERP certificates. We also comply with specific regional standards to help you gain access into the market.
Wholesale Heat Pump Prices
Consider how affordable the heat pumps are at wholesale cost. Thanks to our long-term partnership with industry-leading raw materials suppliers, the cost of production is reduced, making us offer budget-friendly wholesale heat pump prices.
MOQ of Wholesale Order
Check if the wholesale order is not less than the Minimum Order Quantity. At SPRSUN, we offer a reasonable MOQ of 3 pieces, allowing both small and large-scale businesses to enjoy premium services.
Turnaround Time
How long will it take to get your wholesale heat pumps order delivered? SPRSUN has more than 600 highly-skilled staff and a powerful in-house manufacturing capacity that allows us to fulfill your orders in record time.
Packaging Methods
Even if the heat pumps are top quality, how are they packaged? This affects the reliability of the products and safety during transportation. At SPRSUN, we load our heat pumps in strong wooden packaging to ensure their quality.
Heat Pump Warranty
Investing in wholesale heat pump units is cost-intensive, so there should be warranty to put your mind at rest and help mitigate loss. SPRSUN offers a 36-month warranty.
Supplementary Products
In your best interest, you buy the needed accessories from the same manufacturer. This is convenient and ensures the accessories are compatible with your heat pumps. SPSRUN provides heat pump installation kits and accessories like buffer tanks and fan coils.

How to Make Wholesale Heat Pump Units Order on SPRSUN

At SPRSUN, we endeavor to make your sourcing experience seamless. We use a one-window approach, which allows you to buy all your wholesale heat pumps under one roof. No need to look for compatible accessories elsewhere.

Below is our straight-forward buying process:
Step 1: Make a Query
All our heat pumps come with detailed descriptions of their technical specifications and other information that can influence your buying decision, such as the minimum and maximum temperature, the soundproof system, voltage range, energy rating, etc. Once you see a product that meets your requirements, you can fill out the inquiry form on the page. We’ve attached an inquiry form on every product page for you to easily get across to us.
Step 2: Talk to US
After you’ve submitted an inquiry, someone from our team will attend to you within 24 hours, proffering professional assistance. Feel free to communicate your needs to our representative. You could highlight the appearance, color, and specifications of your heat pumps and the materials you’d prefer them to be made of. Then, our staff will give you a price quote based on your choice of heat pumps.
Step 3: Confirm Your Order
After choosing your specifications and the number of heat pumps you are ordering, you will be required to confirm the order. We will send a confirmation message to your email with all the details of your order, such as the logo, color, appearance, specifications, materials, quantity, price, turnaround time, and payment information.
Step 4: Wait for Your Order to be Delivered
Once your wholesale order is successfully confirmed, we will handle the rest. Our experts get to producing and packaging your wholesale heat pump systems. Once packaged, they will quickly be shipped to your location through our trusted couriers.
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