Heat Pump for Apartment

SPRSUN heat pump for house maximizes the limited exterior space by compact size, providing one-stop solution: heating,cooling and hot water.

Why Do You Need Heat Pump for House

New global directives require high-efficiency in modern buildings, especially houses that use gas or fuel heating systems. To achieve this goal, heat pumps play a major role not only in individual residences, but also apartment buildings.

On September 2023, the German Bundestag passed an amendment to the Building Energy Act, stipulating that:
  • From 2026, the use of oil or coal as a heat source is prohibited.
  • From 2024, the installation of pure oil and gas heating systems is no longer permitted.
  • From 2024, every new heating system will use at least 65% renewable energy.
Also, starting from 2027, the European Union (EU) will ban the use of split air conditioners and heat pumps that contain hydrofluorocarbon with a global warming potential of 150 or higher.

At SPRSUN, we produce energy-efficient heat pumps for homes using sustainable R290 refrigerants with a global warming potential that’s as low as 3.3. Our wide range of heat pumps China contributes to eliminating carbon emissions.

Save Up to 80% Costs - Combination of PV and Heat Pumps for Apartment


Demand for energy-efficient heat pump for apartment, where the largest use of electricity is used for heating, cooling, and hot water, has increased by hundreds of percent this year as fuel prices rise. However, by combining a PV system with an air source heat pumps for flats, you can save up to 80% on energy costs. Since electricity will be provided by solar panels, excess energy will be stored in batteries for use when the sun is not shining, thus saving energy and running costs for heating, cooling, hot water, and other home appliances.
  • This combination can also shorten the investment payback period of PV and residential heat pumps to 4-7 years through the new energy subsidy program.
  • The PV power station also increases the service life of the heat pump system for house, it saves the running time so that you do not feel the difference in comfort.

Not Only for House Heating and Cooling, but Also Hot Water


SPRSUN heat pump for house provides an all-round solution, including heating, cooling, and hot water. Our heat pump wholesale solutions consist of a network of hot water storage tanks and fan coils in flat rooms, which are linked to a central water circuit for simultaneous heating, cooling, & hot water operations. As a professional air to water heat pump supplier, we offer an integrated system that seamlessly overcomes the obstacle that could be faced with installing residential heat pumps in high-rise apartment buildings. 
For example, the central water circuit is designed to be heated or cooled by absorbing the surrounding air and functioning at a low temperature with high efficiency. The heating, cooling, and hot water system can also be supplemented with several ranges of heating elements, such as floor heating and heat pump convectors, allowing you to choose an option that suits your apartment requirements.

Benefits of SPRSUN Heat Pumps for Apartment Buildings

SPRSUN equips each heat pump for apartment building with high-quality components and uses advanced technology, resulting in outstanding benefits for your home’s heating, cooling, and hot water solutions.

Energy-Saving Performance

Our A+++ heat pumps for homes are the most advanced energy-saving system. The air source heat pumps can generate more than 3-4 times the heat energy by consuming 1 KW hour of electricity. Since the heating circuit conducts within the apartment building, heat loss is smaller and therefore more efficient.

Cost-Effective Solution

With SPRSUN’s air source heat pumps for flats, you will not be bothered about the rising prices of fossil fuels or other traditional heat sources. The heat pump for flats works by absorbing air, combines with underfloor heating and radiators, helping you save heating costs.

Low Noise Operation

The heat pump in apartment must be designed to operate quietly. Our heat pump system for house is produced to offer optimal comfort, as we use brushless fans, Panasonic compression dual shock absorption, strong pads, and other sound insulation measures to reduce the noise level. The sound level is as low as 42 dBA.

Low Ambient Temperature

In making heat pumps for apartment blocks, we use Panasonic Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) technology rotary compressor. This enables the EVI cold climate heat pumps to work stably in extreme weather with a temperature range of -30⁰C to 45⁰C, and outlet water temperature that reaches 75⁰C.

Smart Control in Whole Building

Our heat pumps for apartment blocks are integrated with CAREL smart control technology. The CAREL controller with RS48/WIFI APP regulates the linkage control between the heat pump unit and the terminal application end. With this function, multiple units can be controlled with one panel.

Easy Installation

As a skillful air-source heat pump manufacturer, our heat pump system for house is constructed to be compact and easy to install. It doesn’t require drilling well or a relatively large space. You can fix this heat pump on the roof, balcony, exterior wall, or any other flat surface.

Long Lifetime

We place priority on durable production, hence why each of our heat pumps for heating the house are manufactured with quality materials and pass through industry-approved checks. Thanks to this, our heat pumps for the apartment have a long lifespan (15-20 years).

Why Choose SPRSUN to Produce Heat Pump for House

Over the years, SPRSUN has continually exhibited remarkable attributes, earning us great customer’ feedback. Our heat pumps for apartment buildings are popular globally, including countries like Germany, Sweden, Serbia, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, and so on.

25+ Years of Professional Know-How

Since our establishment in 1999, we’ve kept up with market trends and relationships with various customers, making us experienced in offering expert opinions on new energy solutions, heating capacity, appropriate size for heat pump for flats, and sourcing guides.

Advanced Heat Pump Technology

As a professional manufacturer of heat pump for house, we use advanced materials and technology, resulting in the production of the latest R290 heat pump with full inverter and low temp heat pump with Enhanced Vapour Injection (EVI) tech.

Worry-Free Service and Warranty

At SPRSUN, we don’t just stop at providing you with reliable heat pumps for homes, we offer various after-sales services like 24/7 free consultation, full technical support, sales & marketing support, and occasional visits. We also offer a 3 year long warranty.

Guarantee a State Subsidy

Following our consistent production of high-quality heat pumps in flats, we’ve gained numerous certifications, such as MCS, SAA, KEYMARK, ROHS, CE, TUV, ISO, and CCC, allowing our customers to enjoy state subsidies. We also help you get the relevant certificates to enjoy rebates and grants.

Superior Quality Control

We only use quality materials from reputable suppliers like Panasonic, SANYO, CAREL, Danfoss, and Mitsubishi. To guarantee the best heat pump for house, we conduct 5 strict quality control tests. Residential heat pumps also undergo inspections in our testing lab.

Turnkey Solution

SPRSUN is a one-stop solution provider for all heating, cooling, and hot water solutions needed in an apartment. Asides from providing a heat pump for flats, we also offer a fan coil, water tank, buffer tank, so many more to carry out installation.

How to Choose the Right Heat Pump System for House

Need to Consider Number of Rooms
The total number of rooms in an apartment building has a huge part to play, as it influences the total area to be heated or cooled. This also affects the residential heat pump ductwork design, since more rooms necessitate complex ductwork design for even distribution of heated or cooled air. Additionally, you need to factor in the diverse heating and cooling needs of each room, especially for those that require zoning.
Need to Consider Room Size/Heating Capacity
Room size directly influences the heating and cooling load, air distribution, ductwork design, energy efficiency, and installation of residential heat pumps. So, it's essential you match the heat pump’s heating capacity to the flat room size.
Demand of Apartment Buildings
Your best pick is a heat pump for homes that addresses the comprehensive heating and cooling needs of the entire apartment building, including specific requirements for hot water. Make sure you select an option that can handle the combined demand of these three functions.
Other factors like number and size of windows, local climate also affect your ideal heat pump model for apartment building. If you need a detailed selection table for your house, contact us.

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