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Why choose an inverter heat pump to heat your pool?

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It's frustrating and uncomfortable to swim while the weather is a bit cold. With the weather shifts, temperatures can drop substantially, especially during cloudy days or winter. A significant drop in temperature can render a pool useless. About 90 % of pools in the U.S. are used two to three times during cold seasons.

This is where a pool heat pump comes in; the primary reason people use pool heat pumps is to make swimming enjoyable by heating the pool water to a desirable temperature.

But what type of heat pump should you go for? In this article, we will be discussing why you should choose an inverter pool heat pump.


What is an inverter pool heat pump?

An inverter pool heat pump is a cost-effective and energy-saving technology that provides a way to heat your pool. Inverter pool heat pumps are designed to guarantee your pool’s water maintains the desired temperature.

Heat pumps work by a technique of drawing in warm air from the surrounding atmosphere and utilizing it to warm up your pool water. What sets inverter pool heat pumps apart from other models is that they can consistently maintain a warm pool water temperature.

The inverter eliminates wasted operations in warm air heat pumps by efficiently controlling the motor. A motor works as an accelerator in a car, influencing the heating speed to manage pool water temperature. The inverter maintains the heat once an appropriate temperature is achieved without using much energy. Conventional pool heat pumps stop and shut down once a specific temperature is reached, and it requires a hard start once the pool temperature drops. This process uses more energy than what is applied in inverter types.

Why choose an inverter heat pump to heat your pool?

Compared to on and off conventional heat pumps, inverter heat pumps regulate and moderate their operation even when operating at full power. Inverter technology allows the fan and compressor to work at variable speeds. This enhances its performance, enabling it to function effectively at a lower energy consumption rate than other models.

The inverter adjusts the electrical frequency, enabling the motor speed to be modified and the output power to be altered. This creates a higher COP(Coefficient of Performance), leading to an enhanced performance of the device.

Benefits of inverter pool heat pumps

With regards to its technical aspects, are inverter heat pumps worth it for pools? Here are some benefits you can enjoy from choosing inverter pool heat pumps:

  • Energy-efficient   – In the pool heating game, the inverter is regarded as the best solution in energy efficiency.  Cooling and heating is automated in an efficient manner than in initial pool heating technologies.

  • Cost-effective - Purchasing an inverter pool heat pump might be a bit more costly than conventional models. Still, it's cheaper in the long run when you factor in costs on electric consumption,  maintenance, and durability.

  • Durable - Most inverters are made with long-lasting technology and material. Also, the soft start in inverters ensures the heat pump is less stressed, thus reducing potential damage.

  • Reduced noise levels - Inverter models have slower fans and lower revs, meaning softer sounds of up to 25dB at 390 inches deep.

  • Innovative capabilities - Modern inverters have smart capabilities that give you full control over their functionality using smart devices like phones, PC's among other portable      smart devices.

  • Better  COP – Inverter technology enables higher  COP to be achieved. Typically for 7(air 15 degrees/water 26 degrees) to be achieved, you need seven times the energy output than the electrical power  used; therefore, a higher COP means a more efficient model.

  • Eco-friendly – The inverter saves more when it comes to energy consumption and usage by automatically adjusting its compressor speed. Compared to non-inverter models, the inverter heat pump is friendlier to the environment.

Inverter pool heat pump vs. standard Pool heat pump

These two devices couldn't be more different. The only thing they have in common is that they both serve the same purpose but do it differently. A standard pool heat pump can only be on or off. On the other hand, inverter models use modulation techniques to alter output power to suit the temperature demands of the pool.

Performance of heat pumps is measured in COP, and inverter technology records better COP than standard Pool heat pumps. Its unique inverter control allows it to achieve about a COP of 8 to 7 while traditional models reach about 4 to 5 COP.

Research shows that inverter technology can save 30% to 50%  energy in a year while providing a heating capacity of about 70% or % 50. On the other hand, standard pool heat pumps produce nearly 100% heating capacity but barely save energy.

In this battle for supremacy, the inverter pool heat pump wins due to the reasons provided above.

Inverter pool heat pump vs. solar pool heat pump

Unlike inverter heat pumps that use surrounding atmospheric air to heat pool water, solar pumps rely on thermal energy. Solar heat pumps use the thermal properties of solar energy to heat pool water via a series of tubes.

The most energy-efficient and eco-friendly device is solar pool heat pumps since it purely uses natural energy to work. However, this presents a challenge to this particular device since their natural source of power is solar radiation, which means they can't function without the sun.

Solar pool heat pumps may find it hard to perform at night, in cloudy weather, or during the winter season when there is less sunlight. At the same time, inverts can work as long as they are connected to an electrical supply source.

Solar panels are cheaper when compared to inverter models even in the long run if handled with care, but they require more maintenance and have costly repair parts.

The inverter model still takes a win but with a slight lead gap. Solar panel heat pumps gain a lot of hype because they are friendly to the environment and energy-efficient, especially when most people have adopted the go green policy.


If you live in a region where you experience cold seasons frequently, an inverter pool heat pump is an excellent option for heating your pool that will save you a lot of costs. This article has provided all the information necessary to help you decide if an inverter pool heat pump is for you.

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