The Best Air Source Heat Pump Manufacturers of 2022

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Air source heat pumps are a highly efficient and renewable heating solution for many property owners. These valuable appliances help save money on energy bills, have a low carbon footprint, have a high Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP), can be utilized for heating and cooling, have low maintenance and a long lifespan, and eliminate the need for fuel storage.

There are a growing number of vendors manufacturing reliable air source heat pumps. However, several notable air source heat pump suppliers stand above the rest. Herein is a comprehensive overview of the best air source heat pump brands of 2022.

1. Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is a pioneer in the conception and development of renewable heat pump technology. The company has been a leading air source heat pump supplier. They also offer their heat pumps and other appliances at competitive prices.

Mitsubishi’s range of air source heat pumps is known as Ecodan. Ecodan heat pumps are marketed to commercial buildings, small retail outlets, and residential properties. It’s not difficult to see why Mitsubishi Electric is regarded as one of the world's top air source heat pump manufacturers.

One of their top models is the Ecodan PUHZ Ultra Quiet System. This compact single fan heat pump is designed to create minimal noise. The appliance utilizes sophisticated technology to deliver high-efficiency levels and meet domestic development standards.

The Ecodan Monobloc is also among the company's most popular air-source heat pumps. Ecodan Monobloc is a self-contained unit capable of functioning reliably in extreme conditions. This popular model is also fairly quiet and very low maintenance and offers excellent value for money.

Another notable example of Mitsubishi’s innovation is the Ecodan Coastal Protection Models. The company has designed these air source heat pumps with the corrosive near-sea environment in mind, allowing people living close to salty water bodies to reliably generate heat.


SPRSUN is one of the fastest-growing air to water heat pump suppliers today. Founded in 1999, SPRSUN has more than two decades of experience manufacturing consumer heat pumps. The company has invested heavily in research and development to perfect its heat pumps' technology. It shows through the quality and performance of their appliances.


SPRSUN supplies heat pumps in more than 60 countries and has a wide range of top-quality heat pump options, from compact residential swimming pool heat pumps to sizable commercial property heat pumps. SPRSUN offers swimming pool heat pumps, DC Inverter air source heat pumps, and Air-to-Water heat pumps. The swimming pool heat pumps are ideal for both above-ground and inground pools.

The DC Inverter split and monoblock heat pumps adjust compressor speeds automatically to provide stable room temperatures and reduce energy consumption. SPRSUN's heat pump options have become increasingly popular with households and businesses due to their performance, high efficiency, design, and durability.

3. Samsung

This South Korean electrical manufacturing giant is probably in every appliance market you can think of. As such, it should be no surprise that they make some of the best air source heat pumps. Samsung has spent many years and invested extensive resources researching and developing heat pump technology.

This has resulted in an impressive, high-performing, and competitively priced air source heat pump product range. Like many heat pump suppliers, Samsung's air-source heat pumps represent an extension and redevelopment of their Air Conditioning products, which are already top class. Samsung's brand of renewable technology is known as the Samsung Eco Heating System (EHS), which offers various air source heat pump options.

The company is known for its compact outdoor units with excellent connectivity, allowing you to remotely control the appliances. One of the most popular models from Samsung is the EHS TDM unit. This all-in-one outdoor system is a highly efficient and fast heating solution.

Another popular option is the Samsung EHS Monoblock. This top-quality unit is compact, lightweight, very quiet, reliably functional in extreme conditions, low maintenance, and features hot water generation capability. Samsung states that they utilize efficient heat pump technology to provide optimal comfort and low operational costs.

4. LG

Like Samsung, LG has its hand in nearly every appliance industry. The South Korean company is a top air source heat pump supplier. The range of LG air source heat pumps is known as THERMA V. These sophisticated appliances utilize the latest heating, efficiency, and connectivity technology, including wireless remote control via LG's ThinQ app.

LG's heat pumps allow periodic scheduling, water temperature control, heat emergency operation, and silent operation mode. The THERMA V range has four heat pump models, including:

·         THERMA V Monobloc – One of the most popular and most energy-efficient heat pump models in the market. It is compact, quiet, and delivers a low to a medium-hot water supply.

·         THERMA V Split – Features an indoor and outdoor unit suitable for both newly built property and renovated/modernized property.

·         THERMA V Split High Temperature – This High-Temperature dual-unit model is suitable for older and lesser insulated properties and refurbished properties

·         THERMA V Monobloc R32 – The latest highly efficient, noiseless, and corrosion-resistant addition to the line that utilizes environmentally friendly refrigerant This unit also allows for the incorporation of solar panels and standard boilers in the heating and cooling design.

5. Hitachi

Hitachi is renowned worldwide for offering a wide range of innovative technologies, including air source heat pump systems. Hitachi's air-source heat pumps line is known as Yutaki. It boasts of different high-quality units with varying sizes and capabilities. These appliances will provide all your space heating and hot water needs while significantly reducing your energy bills and carbon emissions.

Yutaki air source heat pumps are compact and highly efficient appliances. The units offer control and convenience through intuitive, remote control allowing you to efficiently adjust space temperatures. Another useful feature found in the Yutaki line of heat pumps is the "One-Touch" holiday control. This feature enables you to control your property’s temperatures while you’re away.

The Yutaki air source heat pumps can function reliably even in extreme conditions and feature weather compensation technology. There are three main air source heat pump models in the Yutaki line – Yutaki M, Yutaki-S and Yutaki S-80. Yutaki-M is a compact outdoor heat pump system with wireless remote control.

The Yutaki-S is a split heat pump system with indoor and outdoor units that generate hot water. This model is suitable for heating swimming pools. The Yutaki S-80 represents a split air to water heat pump system with indoor and outdoor units. It is an ideal self-contained and highly-efficient space heating and hot water solution.

6. Vaillant

Vaillant is one of the biggest manufacturers in the heating industry. Although this supplier is commonly associated with gas boilers, Vaillant is a leader in the renewable heating technology space. One of the most advanced air source heat pumps in the market is the aroTHERM line from Vaillant. This top-quality line of heat pumps includes:

·         aroTHERM Air to Water heat pump – Available in 4 sizes to suit many property applications. Delivers excellent energy efficiency in a compact and quiet design.

·         aroTHERM Hybrid heat pump – Features innovative technology allowing you to utilize traditional and renewable heating sources. You can switch between the heat pump and your boiler depending on the most efficient energy source at the time of use.

·         aroTHERM Split Air to Water heat pump – The split range of heat pumps features five models of various sizes to suit different residential ranges.

·         aroTHERM Plus Air to Water heat pump – A new, highly-efficient, noiseless, and salt-resistant unit.

7. Daikin

Daikin is a Japanese company that's a leading innovator and provider of air conditioning units and chilling systems globally. Daikin has a long and successful history of offering climate control technology since it was established back in 1924. The firm supplies heat pump systems for commercial property, residential property, warehouses, medical facilities, retail facilities, and marine applications.

Daikin has invested millions of dollars in an advanced research and development center. Their Heat Pump technology is one of the three core technologies underpinning their global operations in the climate control space. The company boasts of heat pump and inverter technology that delivers optimum energy efficiency.

Daikin also has a wide selection of air source heat pump options suitable for heating and hot water supply through an integrated heating and hot water supply system. Their uniquely-designed indoor and outdoor units feature ultra-quiet operations facilitated through natural convection heat distribution and inverter-driven compressors.

8. Dimplex

Dimplex has provided electric heating solutions for nearly 70 years. Dimplex is a division of the Glen Dimplex Group, one of the world's largest electrical heating companies. The company offers a top-of-the-line range of renewable technologies. These heat pumps are perfect for commercial and industrial properties since they can meet huge heating demands.

The A-Class heat pump units have a highly energy-efficient design and significantly reduce operational costs. For complete system design flexibility, you can combine the air source heat pumps from Dimplex with a wide range of compatible system accessories such as domestic hot water systems and buffer tanks.

One of the most popular units from Dimplex is the LA35TUR system. This heat pump features sound-proofed construction and an electronically controlled fan to provide quiet operation. It also features integrated regulation enabling dual functionality- heating during winter and cooling during summer. Overall, Dimplex has the innovation, expertise, and experience to develop highly efficient heat pump systems and continues to be a popular air source heat pump brand for many property owners.

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