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SPRSUN Transforms Bulgarian Food Processing Factory with Cutting-Edge Heat Pump Technology

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One of Bulgaria's food processing factories has decided to leap into a greener future and embarked on an environmental transformation journey with SPRSUN, the world leader in heat pump technology. The factory’s challenges, for a while, have spanned over high energy consumption, the need to protect the environment, and the cessation of using outdated equipment. They are embarking on a revolutionary approach that will chart new benchmarks in the industry.

SPRSUN Project in Bulgaria

Challenges that Needed to be Confronted

High Energy Consumption: Being in a position of an energy-intensive industry, the surge of electricity bills saw the factory languish for some innovative ideas.

Policy Response: Reducing carbon levels and generating zero contribution to a sustainable environment felt like it was in line with the "Global Zero Carbon Emission Plan."

Old Equipment: The risk to safety caused by aging fuel heating and cooling systems makes it urgently needed to be replaced with a modern, strong, and effective alternative.

The Revolutionary Solution of SPRSUN

In cooperation with the world's leading heat pump producer - SPRSUN, the factory developed a solution designed specifically for its needs. After all tests were finished and successful, here is what the new heat pump system that the factory now possesses can provide:

Multi-Functional Features: The heat pump system caters to the factory's hot water, winter heating, and summer office cooling demands efficiently.

Control System with Intelligence: The integrated advanced control systems are poised to be efficient and precise in temperature regulation. They may also be operated remotely via a mobile app for increased operational flexibility.

Operating on Ultra-Low Temperatures with Stability

SPRSUN heat pump units will provide maximum output even deep in the harshest Bulgarian winter and can work comfortably within -25℃ temperatures.

Integration of Renewable Energy

It's not just heat pumps alone. SPRSUN and this Bulgarian factory's total green approach also considers the use of panels. On sunny days, the light is converted into electricity to supplement heating. If there is not enough solar energy, the heat pumps will run on electricity. The goal here is to reduce overdependency on unnatural power sources.

Results and Benefits

The new heat pump system aims to reduce electricity consumption by 30%, which means substantial cost savings for the factory. By harnessing waste heat and integrating renewable energy, Bulgaria is experiencing a remarkable reduction in carbon emissions.

Coming on the competitive advantage of heat pump technology, the food processing factory is positioning itself as a trendsetter. It is set to be emulated by other food processing facilities. This is now the breaking point, where the company will witness sustainability within the industry.


SPRSUN, a professional heat pump manufacturer established in 1999, has positioned itself as a pacesetter in green innovation. It’s a bigger player in the Chinese market when it comes to manufacturing DC inverter heat pumps, air source heat pumps, and swimming pool heat pumps. Thanks to their adherence to international standards, their global presence is now felt in more than 30 countries.

All their heat pumps are produced according to EN14511 standards and have certifications such as CCC CE KEYMARK ISO SAA RoHS ERP. The latest line of their DC inverter heat pumps has been honored with an ERP A+++ energy label from TUV SUD, which implies they are highly energy efficient.

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