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Air to Water Swimming Pool Heat Pumps vs. Traditional Pool Water Heaters

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Summer is a good season for swimming, and more people go to swimming pools in residential areas, stadiums, swimming clubs and other places. In recent years, with the popularization of air to water heat pump, related products have been widely used in the hot water projects of hotels, factories, hospitals, office buildings, indoor swimming pools, etc. 

Air Source Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

In order to meet the different requirements of different applications, air source heat pump manufacturers develop different types of air source heat pump products. For example, swimming pool air to water heat pump is a hot water equipment which is very popular with indoor swimming pools, outdoor swimming pools and fitness clubs. So, what are the advantages of swimming pool air source heat pump compared with traditional pool heating equipment? Below is the introduction.


How is air to water heat pump applied for constant pool temperature? Constant temperature swimming pool is better and more comfortable than normal temperature swimming pool. The training areas of national swimmers basically belong to constant temperature swimming pools. To maintain a constant temperature for a long time, the water in the swimming pool must be heated. Usually, the commonly used heating equipment includes oil-fired boilers, electric boilers, solar water heaters and air source heat pumps, among which air source heat pumps are often applied to swimming pools at constant temperature.


Energy Saving

Commercial swimming pools need a lot of water and consume a lot of heat energy. General heat source is unable to meet the requirements and the operation cost is high. The unique environmental protection and energy-saving performance of air source heat pump water heater just caters to the characteristics of swimming pool. It uses the free heat energy in the air to continuously provide water and then achieves the effect of environmental protection and energy saving, reducing operating costs.


When air source heat pump is heating water, because the main energy comes from the heat in the air and electricity is only used for the operation of heat pump units, the heating efficiency of air source pool water heater reaches as high as 400%, which is four times that of general electric water heater.


Reduced Costs

Swimming pools require a lot of warm water, which indicates high heating costs. To heat a ton of water, air source heat pump costs the least, followed by solar water heater with electric heater back up. Oil-fired boiler is the most expensive of all in terms of operating costs. Air to water heat pump is the best choice for swimming pool operators who want to control costs and improve economic efficiency. Although air source pool heat pump consumes electricity, it does not rely on electricity to generate heat but maintain the operation of the unit, thus enabling the refrigerant in the heat pump unit to continuously carry a lot of heat energy from the air to heat water, with COP as high as 4.0.


Electric heating equipment, such as electric boilers, converts high-grade electric energy into low-grade thermal energy, with the highest energy efficiency level of only 95%. In contrast, by using an air source heat pump, heating the water in the same swimming pool consumes only a quarter of the electricity compared with electric boiler.



The water quality of swimming pool contains a lot of salts discharged from human body. The heat exchanger of ordinary materials cannot adapt to the environment of such water quality. As a result, it is easy to be corroded and damaged by perforation. Therefore, swimming pool heat pump usually consists of a highly corrosion resistant Titanium heat exchanger for anti-corrosion.



The fourth advantage of air to water heat pump is: preventing scald accidents. Swimming pool air source heat pump water heater can effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents such as scalds, because the maximum outlet water temperature is only 40 or 45 degrees Celsius.


It is precisely because of the many advantages of air source heat pump, at this stage, not only swimming pools in residential areas, hotels, fitness clubs and other places begin to use swimming pool air source heat pumps, even professional swimming venues are also equipped with air to water heat pumps. Generally speaking, it is the best choice for swimming pool operators to use air source heat pumps to heat pool water at constant temperature, which is safe, healthy, cost-saving and durable.

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