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SPRSUN Conducted 3 Product Training Sessions for Partners Last Month

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Summary: SPRSUN, a professional heat pump manufacturer, has conducted 3 product training sessions for its most valuable partners to unveil basic heat pump knowledge so that its partners will show more expertise concerning heat pumps and be better at connecting with their clients.

China – SPRSUN, founded in 1999, has been leading in the heat pump market for over 2 decades. It can always offer its customers high-quality products with reasonable prices, good after-sales care, and professional installation guidance. So customers view SPRSUN as trusted, reliable, and respectful, and SPRSUN heat pumps as super energy efficient, durable, and easy to install and maintain.

Being active in the heat pump market for so many years has allowed SPRSUN to accumulate more than 560 valuable partners and sell heat pumps to over 60 countries and regions. More importantly, we attach great importance to product research and development. That's why we have more than 50 R&D Engineers. And our heat pump testing laboratory can simulate the operating performance of heat pump units at ambient temperatures between -30°C to 50°C. And we can test heat pumps with input power from 0.8kw to 80kw and frequencies of 50Hz/60Hz. In 2020, the SPRSUN heat pump testing laboratory got approval from TÜV SÜD, which confirms that the laboratory can directly issue EU-approved test reports.

Like others, SPRSUN partners purchase SPRSUN products and sell them directly to end users or customers. Meanwhile, they offer various services, such as technical support, warranties, and other services. Partners are crucial in helping enter markets that manufacturers cannot otherwise access. They have existing customers, contacts, and relationships in local businesses and a better understanding of the local business culture and practices. Thus, they are better at connecting with local clients and spotting potential buyers. Therefore, their importance cannot be overstated. SPRSUN values good local pre-sales andafter-sales support. Meanwhile, in order to improve the local service level, we organize this training.

Last month, SPRSUN successfully hosted 3 online product training sessions from October 11th to 13th, presenting partners with a perfect visual and auditory feast of basic heat pump knowledge.


From the 11th to the 13th, SPRSUN had 3 graceful and experienced hosts, Hedy, Martina, and Rose, all of whom are Sales Representatives from the Overseas Sales Department. The details are as follows:  

On October 11th, Hedy elaborated on the technical knowledge of the air source heat pump, including the basic concept and working principles of heat pumps and an overview of heat pump accessories.

On the second day, Martina addressed the technical features, classification, and application of the SPRSUN touch-screen full DC inverter heat pumps.

The stand-out features include ERP A+++ performance, low noise operation, remote WIFI APP control, low temperature and low-frequency control technology, full DC inverter control technology, EVI control technology, intelligent defrost, high-temp sterilization, double anti-freezing, and super stability.

Our existing top-selling products cover a wide range of products:

Full DC inverter series (R410A)

Split full DC inverter series (R410A)

SPRSUN EVI DC inverter series (R32)

EVI full DC inverter series (R32)

Rose covered model selection, accessories selection, installation notes, and steps on the third day.

During the training, many partners watched online and interacted with us proactively. SPRSUN took this live stream as an opportunity to accumulate and learn, and we reviewed, summarized, and contacted the customers who asked questions.

After the 3-day training, SPRSUN has earned customers' recognition of the company and love for SPRSUN's products. This live stream is a win-win process for both sides.

We look forward to the next live stream of SPRSUN. It certainly will be more professional, and the content will be more extensive. And we expect more customers to join us to become SPRSUN partners as SPRSUN provides professional support for partners, including professional product training, marketing resources, etc.

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