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Passed Keymark annual factory inspection! Excellent product quality brings greater competitiveness to SPRSUN

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GUANGZHOU, SPRSUN — In mid-October, SPRSUN accepts the annual factory inspection by the Keymark certification agency.

Keymark annual factory inspection

SPRSUN accepted the strict inspection of the TUV agency and finally successfully passed the annual certification. "There were no non-conformities in this audit; all audit items fully comply with Keymark's certification standards," remarked the audit team member from TUV, highly praising SPRSUN's factory as a strong and modernized facility.

Keymark certification audit is a process in which European certification bodies assess and evaluate suppliers to ensure their products meet European market standards and quality requirements. SPRSUN's heat pump products are produced according to EN14511 standards and hold the Keymark certification. Every year, the Keymark certification for heat pumps will conduct an annual review of certified companies to ensure that the factory's production management, staff training, equipment, accessories, and other aspects meet the corresponding standards and ensure the stability of product quality.

The factory inspection included a series of assessments such as production facility assessment, quality management systems, product testing and certification, supply chain management, social responsibility, document and record audits, etc. During the factory inspection, the audit team members delved into each production line, inspecting the workers' production processes and quality inspection process and taking random samples from incoming materials and production lines to register them one by one.

Keymark annual factory inspection

Emphasizing product quality and paying attention to every detail of production are the key factors that have enabled SPRSUN to stand in the heat pump industry for 24 years and gradually become a leading heat pump brand in the world. To achieve this, SPRSUN has established a quality department to control product quality through a systematic quality inspection process to gain recognition from consumers worldwide.

Today, SPRSUN is sold to more than 60 countries and regions worldwide and has 560+ partners globally. Passing the Keymark annual factory inspection this time will further enhance SPRSUN's market competitiveness and prove to more people that it is a brand product with excellent quality.

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