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SPRSUN Accelerates Global Localization, Signing Hungarian Distributor Agreement with Ket Kor Kft

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October 8, 2023

GUANGZHOU, SPRSUN — SPRSUN Accelerates Global Localization, Signing Hungarian Distributor Agreement with Ket Kor Kft.

Ket Kor Kft, a long-established and distinguished company originating from 1989, is based in Budapest, Hungary. We are delighted to announce the visit of Mr. Viktor SÁRKÖZI, Chief of Executive of Ket Kor Kft, and his delegation to SPRSUN from September 27th to September 29th, 2023. During their visit, we will explore potential collaboration opportunities and sign a strategic distribution agreement. The aim of this partnership is to strengthen the market presence of SPRSUN products in Hungary and provide our customers with exceptional products and services.

SPRSUN Hungarian Distributor

During the visit, representatives from Ket Kor Kft had an in-depth understanding of SPRSUN's latest R290 series air source heat pump technology and had the opportunity to witness the advanced production and quality testing processes of SPRSUN heat pumps. They also participated in a series of technical trainings prepared by us. Ket Kor Kft, which has extensive experience in the heating industry, are highly appreciates the quality of SPRSUN's products, as well as our comprehensive marketing support and after-sales service system. This visit provided an excellent platform for open discussions, where we jointly explored the European heat pump market trends, exchanged information on the demands of local consumers in Hungary, and shared suggestions for product optimization.

Through this visit, both parties have gained a deeper understanding. After multiple evaluations, Ket Kor Kft has been granted the exclusive brand agency rights for SPRSUN in Hungary and the two parties have signed a strategic distribution agreement. This agreement is specifically tailored to meet the unique requirements of the local market and complies with all regulations and laws. The agreement covers key elements such as regional exclusive agency rights, pricing strategies, marketing support, and comprehensive after-sales service.

Mr. Zoltán SÁRKÖZI, Sales Director (Deputy COE) of Ket Kor Kft, stated, "We have chosen SPRSUN as an important partner because they already have a certain degree of recognition in the local market. Compared to larger brands, SPRSUN is a 'small and beautiful' brand, offering advanced heat pump technology with friendly pricing. It perfectly meets the needs of a certain group of customers and has great development potential. Additionally, they provide a professional dealer support system, offering resources such as product training, marketing materials, and sales support". This agreement fully reflects the needs and expectations of both companies while strengthening the commercial landscape in the region.

Through this strong alliance, SPRSUN and Ket Kor Kft will leverage their respective technological advantages and distribution channels, utilizing their expertise, market insights, and network to achieve mutual success, expand market share, and provide higher quality services to local customers more effectively.

SPRSUN Hungarian Distributor

"We are thrilled to welcome Ket Kor Kft to our factory for a visit and to embark on this strategic partnership. The globalization of SPRSUN greatly relies on experienced local distributors who can provide timely and professional services to local customers, thus enhancing customer satisfaction," said Maggie, the Overseas Marketing Director of SPRSUN. "This collaboration paves the way for building a solid and enduring relationship that will benefit both of our companies, our customers, and the local market. We believe that this partnership will bring tremendous value, drive our carbon-neutral initiatives, promote sustainable development, and lead us to success together."

SPRSUN Hungarian Distributor

The visit and contract signing between SPRSUN and Ket Kor Kft represent a significant milestone for both organizations, signifying their commitment to establishing a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship. This collaboration reflects SPRSUN's relentless efforts to establish strategic alliances and expand market share, further solidifying its pioneering position in the air source heat pump industry.

In recent years, SPRSUN has made continuous investments in global marketing and promotion, earning a certain level of brand reputation and recognition in the market, making it easier for distributors to promote and sell. With its 24 years of experience in air source heat pump production and strong research and development capabilities, SPRSUN continuously iterates and updates its products, maintaining the most advanced technology and stable quality to provide distributors and users with high-quality heat pumps. In the future, SPRSUN will cooperate and deepen its partnerships with more global distributors to jointly advance the success of the green industry.


SPRSUN has been dedicated to air-to-water heat pumps for 24 years, which is one of the leading heat pump suppliers all over the world, providing high-quality and reliable heat pumps. SPRSUN’s heat pump based on EN14511 standard with CCC, CE, CB, KEYMARKSAA, ROHS, TUV and ERP certificates.


About Ket Kor Kft:

Ket Kor Kft is a well-known enterprise in the European heating industry with excellent performance records. It is a company that has received the highest rating, AAA rating. With its rich experience, extensive network, and commitment to providing excellent products and services, Ket Kor Kft has become an important player in the industry. The core values of the company align perfectly with the vision of SPRSUN, making it an ideal partner.

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