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SPRSUN Launches Its Heat Pump Kit for Easier Installation

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Summary: SPRSUN, one of the leading manufacturers of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heat pumps, has launched its new product kit. The SPRSUN Heat Pump Kit is designed to help save time and money on heat pump installation.

China – SPRSUN has been in the heat pump manufacturing business for years and presents some of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient heating solutions to customers across over 60 countries. The company’s products are rated among the best because of their consumer-oriented design and features. Focused on delivering the best quality products into the market and saving customers more money, SPRSUN has announced its hydronic module – The SPRSUN Heat Pump Kit.


SPRSUN Heat Pump Kit-Saving you Time and Money on Heat Pump Installation

The SPRSUN Heat Pump Installation Kit has been designed to save consumers time and money on heat pump installation. The product is described as perfect for monobloc heat pump installation, amongst others.

Describing the SPRSUN heat pump kit, the company’s spokesperson said; “The heat pump kit consists of all major components for installation, including a water pump, electric box, AC contactor, three-way valve, expansion tank, filter, leakage protection switch, etc. Currently, the kit supports R32 DC Inverter Heat Pumps, saving customers a lot of time and money on heat pump installation. Installing a hydronic monoblock heat pump system has never been so easy!”

Speaking on the new product launch, the company, through its spokesperson, maintained that it is committed to rolling out cost-effective yet high-efficiency products. The company noted that its newly launched product comes complete with everything consumers need to install their heat pumps while also saving them anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000 on installation costs.

With the SPRSUN heat pump kit, consumers will be able to install their units themselves without spending a fortune on hiring a professional installer. They will also eliminate the need to purchase installation accessories, especially as the kit box comes complete with everything necessary to install their heat pump.

Using the hydronic module customers can now experience more from their SPRSUN heat pumps, especially as they’ll be using manufacturer-recommended accessories that improve their product’s functionality and efficiency. Some of the items in the installation kit include the High-Efficiency Grundfos Water pumps designed to maximize the efficiency of a water-based heating system while promising a longer service life; 3-way valve that allows customers to choose the best mode for their installation needs; an Expansion tank that promises enhanced safety when water expands due to boiling and increased pressure; and the CALEFFI Multifunction Magnetic Dirt Separator with Filter.

SPRSUN promises its continued commitment to rolling out customer-focused products that offer the best value for money. The company can be reached via email at inquiry@sprsunheatpump.com.

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