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Is Air to Water Heat Pump Good for Cooling?

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Is it time to replace your old cooling system, or are you buying your first one? Either way, as you search for it, there are high chances you will be torn between an air conditioner and a heat pump. Choosing the right cooling system is vital for you as a homeowner; thus, you need to know the pros and cons of each system.


Air to water heat pumps can offer sufficient cooling and heating for your home, especially if you reside in a region with a moderate climate. After installing it the right way, this heat pump can provide over 1.5 to 4 times more energy to a household than the electricity it consumes. This is because heat pumps move heat instead of converting it from one kind of fuel like typical combustion heating mechanisms do.


While air to water heat pumps are pretty common nowadays, some of them might perform less impressively under freezing temperatures. If you reside in an area with sub-freezing temperatures, ordinary heat pumps might not be the pocket-friendly choice, unless you choose EVI low temp types like SPRSUN EVI DC Inverter Heat Pumps.


But, is air to water heat pump good for cooling? Let's find out!


How do air-source heat pumps function?

An all-inclusive and contemporary heat pump provides sufficient energy-saving and fewer emissions. This is a safe and affordable means of heat production thanks to the incorporated water heater, circulation pump, immersion heater, and climate structure in the interior unit.


The heat is sourced from the environment via an exterior unit where a refrigerant moves inside an enclosed piping system, moving the heat from the source to the interior department. The process through which heat is moved can be summarized in this way;

  • The exterior unit absorbs heat from the surroundings and transfers it to the coolant.

  • The compressor raises the coolant's temperature.

  • The refrigerant moves the heat to a reserve tank with hot water through the heat exchanger.

  • The hot water moves through the faucets and radiators, and the cold water is moved into the tank.

  • The refrigerant is moved from the tank to the exterior unit.


If this process is reversed, the coolant in the exterior unit will take the heat from the hot water and transfer it to the surrounding, leaving the pump to cool the house instead.




Air to water heat pumps are not the same anymore. Similar to most technology, these heat pumps have been advancing progressively, and so far, these are the three systems in the market that will pique every homeowner's interest;


1.   Reverse Cycle Cooler

This system lets you select from a wide array of cooling and heating modes, including forced air and radiant floor systems. This offers you the opportunity to live comfortably, whether in the winter or the summer. Nevertheless, this system is most suitable for all-electric households.


2.   All-climate air-source heat pump

As the name suggests, this system is perfect regardless of the weather. It can run during the winter minus derivative heat, meaning it will keep your home comfortably warm even during the coldest Winter.


It comes in handy for those looking for a system that can decrease cooling and heating expenses. It integrates heating as the main function; therefore, the original costs are relatively high though it gets better every day, and eventually, the savings will cover the initial high costs.


3.   Cold climate system

The cold-climate system has a 2-speed compressor featuring two cylinders for effective functioning. Moreover, a backup compressor lets the heat pump run at optimum status even when the temperature is at -9.4.


It as well passes on the plate heat exchanger, also referred to as the "economizer." This is quite the system for your household, whether in the

summer or the Winter.


Why air-to-water heat pumps are energy efficient?

As mentioned above, heat pumps are energy-efficient, and there are numerous reasons behind this. The main reason why they are so energy-efficient is that they don't exactly cool or heat the air. Alternatively, they fill one part of your household to another with cool or warm air. This process of heat transfer is significantly more efficient than merely cooling or heating your house.


When you set it on cooling mode, it draws in heat from the warm air in the room, letting it be discharged outside into the surrounding. On the other hand, when you set it on heat mode, it's drawing in cool air from outside, heating it, and discharging it inside your house.


These energy-efficient pumps utilize the heat already present in the air to cool or warm your household in both these instances. What this means is that the air in the home will never be overheated or overcooled, resulting in impressive efficiency.


Air conditioner & heat pump, which is more energy-efficient?


If you're torn between an air conditioner and heat pump, you might want to see which one is more energy-efficient and make a choice from here. If your system is energy efficient, it does not consume a lot of energy, reducing utility bills.


These two systems measure energy efficiency in SEER. A heat pump and air conditioner with a similar SEER rating utilize the same energy amount to heat or cool households.


The air conditioner doesn't have any issues when the temperature is very high. They are built to properly cool the house when the outdoor and indoor temperature difference is less than 20 degrees. However, when the summer is a bit too hot, the difference can be more than this, meaning that your AC cannot operate effectively to cool the house.


On the other hand, heat pumps don't have any issues with this temperature difference. They will run optimally no matter the temperature. Therefore, under ideal conditions, these two systems` efficiency is relatively even, though the considerable difference comes when utilizing heating mode. Air to water heat pumps is more energy efficient compared to air conditioners.


So, is air to water heat pump good for cooling your home?

Absolutely! Heat pumps are ideal for cooling your household, and they are more energy-efficient than an Air conditioner. Hopefully, this piece has helped you decide on which cooling and heating system to go for.

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