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SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump Officially Announced!

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SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump finally comes to the market! It is not just a heating system, but also a smart hot water heater and air conditioner. The heat pump transfers heat from outdoors to inside during heating and indoors to outdoors during cooling cycles. ERP A+++, R32 refrigerant, noise reduction, smart control technology and guaranteed safety make this one of the few progressive models in the market.

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Lower GWP

These DC inverter heat pumps use R32, a refrigerant with less harmful effects on the environment. R32 has low ozone-depleting potential, which means the heat pump will operate more cleanly and efficiently. R32 has exceptional properties such as low toxicity, flammability, and inertness, perks that trickle down to the consumer as safety and cost reductions.


Increased Efficiency

The ERP A+++ R32 EVI DC inverter heat pumps that SPRSUN offers have a performance coefficient (COP) as high as 5.95, making them more efficient than DC inverter heat pumps that use other refrigerants.


The heat pump returns 3-5 kW of heat per 1kW of electrical energy used for operation. An average natural gas boiler offers about 98% efficiency. With these heat pump, homeowners can save up to 500% more over burning fossil fuels to heat their home.


Users can expect more efficiency when they leave it continuously running in the background. The heat pump stays running continuously, reducing the heating demand at peak periods. The SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump modifies output continuously while operating in the background to maintain consistent temperatures. Temperature fluctuation is kept to a minimum by responding to changes in heat demand.



In contrast, a fixed output heat pump will cycle continuously from maximum output to zero, finding a balance that will supply the desired temperature more often than a variable output heat pump. SPRSUN uses inverters that reduce cycling, which leads to more consistent, comfortable temperatures.


In addition to improving home energy efficiency, the heat pump reduces consumption (and related costs) of energy through cycling. By reducing greenhouse gases and pollutants emissions, this process is beneficial to the environment and a way to control heating and cooling costs.


Smarter Technology

SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump comes with a CAREL controller and smart sensors. They can record and control temperatures completely unaided. The technology can help clients keep temperatures consistent throughout their house. In cold weather, this unit will make sure their home stays warm.


In many cases, people run their heating and cooling for long periods even when they are not at home and overnight when they don't need it. As a result, energy bills can go up, and they will be charged more than they need to. However, the smart technology on the SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump can help customers decrease their monthly costs by reducing their heat and air conditioning usage during the day and at night.



With the ability to set their home correctly in any situation, homeowners will be able to sit back, relax, and take advantage of their heat pump's cost-saving potential.


They can also get access to online monitoring with SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump thanks to its WIFI compatibility. Customers can access contactless services directly from the service center. SPRSUN also offers more intelligent protections with its R32 EVI DC inverter heat pumps.


The monitored unit should operate more efficiently and for longer because the ability to perform preventative maintenance is more easily accessible. Providing a more efficient, smarter, greener, and more energy-efficient heating method than fossil fuel-based boilers is a crucial advancement as the world transitions to a more efficient and environmentally friendly heating method.


Reduced Noise

The components of traditional heat pumps generate noise when they operate. Therefore, buying such a device can often be problematic due to the high noise level.


The R32 heat pump uses brushless DC inverter fans for noise dampening. Unlike traditional heat pumps, SPRSUN DC inverter heat pumps use a constant, quiet compressor motor that runs in the background and gives off minimal power.


As a result, a machine of this type operates more quietly. In addition, their temperature does not fluctuate when they reach a specific temperature but is fixed at a certain level.


In addition, the units employ the Panasonic Compressor dual shock absorption technology for enhanced sound reduction. Among the panel of inverters, this is the quietest system of SPRSUN, starting at 42dBA.


Guaranteed Safety

R32 is a relatively safe refrigerant, but it can be hazardous if improperly handled and stored. SPRSUN R32 DC inverter heat pumps feature safety features that prevent explosions from occurring due to their design.


The R&D team has implemented multiple measures that ensure explosion protection for the SPRSUN R32 DC in its areas of operation. Their philosophy is to provide excellent explosion protection while sacrificing nothing of the performance and dependability of all the original product features.



SPRSUN is a reputable manufacturer of heat pumps. The manufacturer produces various heat pumps, such as DC inverter heat pumps, air source heat pump water heaters and swimming pool heat pumps. Their products conform to EN14511 and have CE, CCC, CB, RoHS, SAA, TUV, and ERP certifications.


The heat pump factory collaborates with several companies for quality results, including CAREL, MITSUBISH, Panasonic, and SANYO. With years of providing innovative heat pumps based on cutting-edge technology, SPRSUN is striving to become a leading supplier of heat pumps globally.


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